Understanding organisational culture and structure Essay Example

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24 February 2021

Organizational Culture


The productivity and performance of an organization are determined by its internal and external behavior. The internal practice involves employee relations and the quality of products and services. External behavior involves the interaction of the business with other stakeholders and the corporate world. This paper presents an understanding of what organizational culture is and how it is presented. The report further investigates the unique corporate culture of Flight Centre.

Flight Centre is identified as one of the companies with a distinct organizational culture. This report looks into how the organizations provide favorable working conditions for its workers by ensuring their health, wealth, and safety is taken care of. It also evaluates how Flight Centre rewards hardworking and loyal employees and customers. Lastly, the company is also responsible and accountable to the society. This report examines Flight Centre’s CSR to determine the services it offers to the community and how it is responsible for its success and failures.

Every organization has behaviors that contribute to their unique social and psychological environment. Organizational culture encompasses a company’s experiences, expectations, philosophies, and values that hold it together. The culture of an organization is expressed in the image it portrays, inner workings and its future expectations and how it relates to the outside world. Organizational culture is based on attitudes, customs, and beliefs, and stringent written, and unwritten rules. Corporate culture is shown in the following ways; how the organization carries out its business and how it treats its employees, clients and the society as a whole. It is shown in freedom in decision making, sharing and power and the commitment of employees to collective objectives (Sierk 2011).

Flight center is one of the organizations in Australia with a distinct and unique organizational culture. The team takes into serious consideration matters that are relevant to their employees, customers and the world at large. Flight Centre has various initiatives that encourage their employees to stay healthy, wealthy and wise. The following are some of the pillars that form the organizational culture of Flight Centre.

Health and Life Balance

Flight Centre partners with HealthWise team to ensure that people maintain a healthy equilibrium between work place responsibilities and their wellbeing. HealthWise Global is a corporate health company that ensures best health by delivering well-being and lifestyle programs to businesses in the world. The company is committed to the provision of innovative lifestyle solutions for its employees. It encourages the employees put high value their health and well-being.

Personal finance

MoneyWise Flight Centre financial team provides its employees with personal financial and investment advice. The company provides professional financial planners that have qualifications that help people in achieving financial success. The company ensures that the employees attain financial freedom by providing regular, confidential and professional advice and enlightenment. MoenyWise also extends its services to customers and the community to enable them to achieve their objectives in life.

Rewards and Recognition

The unique culture of Flight Centre is designed to recognize and celebrate success. Buzz Nights are the center of the Flight Centre’s social structure. They are held ever month and provides a socialization opportunity for colleagues outside of work and from various stores and departments in the surrounding. Buzz night is a tool that allows the organization to welcome new members to learn about new products and to celebrate the company’s achievements. The company also provides an opportunity for training and personal development. It also allows sharing of information, motivates its employees and fosters social interaction in fun and inspiring moments. Employee evaluation allows the organization to identify hard working employees and loyal customers who are rewarded in various ways

travel benefits

Flight Centres awards its employees, clients and their families with travel benefits. The company offers travel discounts for loyal customers. It has established a travel team known as TraveWise that takes care of travel plans of its employees and customers and ensures that they are given the best prices every time. The travel team offers a range of schemes that ensure that the customers’ travel money goes as far as possible. Additionally, the company offers educational travel trips. The trips allow travel consultants to increase their knowledge of various products that are offered by the company. It also provides an opportunity for them to build relationships with other industry stakeholders. It’s a chance of touring the world while developing product and travel knowledge.

Flight Centre’s people and customers

The company acknowledges that they are made up of their people. Flight Centre is conscious of any issues affecting the health, wealth, and safety of their employees, customers, and community at large. The organization takes pride in being the best choice for its clients. They, therefore, aim to provide the best customer experience. A great attitude, honesty, and integrity are among the major values that dictate customer service at Flight Centre.

Family, village, and tribe

Flight centre has a simple structure that is lean, flat and transparent. The organization’s leaders are accessible by all stakeholders. It offers a maximum of 4 or 5 layers. The village is considered as a support group that forms an integral part of the organization’s structure. Flight Centre also has teams (the family) that are made up of a minimum of 3 and maximum of 7 members and villages have a minimum of 3 and maximum of 7 teams. Areas (Tribes) are made up of a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 teams. 8-15 areas make a nation while 4-8 nations make a Global Executive Board (Johnson).

Corporate Social Responsibility

Flight Centre takes responsibility for their success or failure and extends their service to the community. Its CSR emphasizes on service to community n the following ways

Responsible Tourism- FCTG supports the conservation and sustainability of natural resources. It works with suppliers and tour operators in the promotion of responsible holiday options. It also offers various tours that are built around environmental and social causes.

Energy Consumption- FCTG works to decrease the usage of energy by using sensor lighting in all head offices, minimizing the use of air-conditioners and installing energy efficient lighting. The company has also installed blinds to minimize costs of heating and cooling, it has an automatic switch off time clocks and has energy efficient appliances among many other initiatives to reduce energy use.

Recycling and waste reduction- Flight centre reduces its waste by; making recycle bins available accessible and available, making information print outs only when it is necessary, reducing packaging and donating old computers and cell phones to charitable institutions for re-use (Jauhari 2010).


Every organization has a unique way of carrying out its activities for the interest of all stakeholders. Organizational culture accounts for the experiences, expectations, and values that form the basis of its operations. Flight Centre has a unique organizational culture. It takes care of its employee’s health, wealth and general well-being. It ensures their financial security by providing professional financial services. Flight Centre rewards its employees and loyal customers. Travel benefits are part of the rewards that accrue to the hard working staff and loyal clients. The company acknowledges that their success comes from their customers. The customers receive services. Flight Centre adheres to its corporate social responsibility as a way of being responsible for their operations and giving back to the society. The Flight Centre should focus more in CSR so that the community will benefit more from its operations.


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