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Businessmen invest in the hope their investment will bring future returns. However, the future is always uncertain and all the businesses can do is make guesses whether investment will bring any returns. Uncertainty increases the risk of business venture failing and thus businesses engage in market research to try and predict the market future. One area of uncertainty that critically affects businesses is political uncertainty. Most corporation will stay away in countries where government and government policy is unstable. According to Edwards and Kuruvilla (2005) most Multinational businesses prefer nations with established business regulatory frameworks. However, uncertainty arises in these nations as the guiding regulatory frameworks are abandoned and sometimes businesses are forced to bribe to be able to operate.

Uncertain political environments in BRIC economies have seen many Developed world multinationals falter. In India and China corruption is rife and companies have to make kickback payments to get deals or even licenses. Uncertain laws in India, Banglandesh and Argentina have seen Siemens AG of Germany come under allegation of bribery (Layak, 2013). According to Jayakumar (2013), the certainty of the law in India is only followed on very few occasions. Many MNC prefer a country where following the laid down procedure guarantees them profits.

The uncertainty brought about by elections mean MNC’s abstain from making further investments until after elections. This year’s Elections in India, Brazil and South Africa has seen the bond and stock markets perform poorly (Phillip, 2014). Moreover, UBS confesses that India it considers India its least attractive market as the political situation is volatile.


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