Analyzing a questionnaire answered by a person can tell the personality his or her personality[ CITATION Alj15 l 1033 ]. This character together with one’s values and motivations show key components of the individual’s identity. This identity continues to evolve and can tell individuals what they want to do and help them shape their future. This report gives ideas and suggestions about implications of ones set preferences. Those people who have catalyst style get viewed as enthusiastic change agents. There always get to seek for new ways of doing things. Type Dynamic indicator uses four pairs of preference to determine an individual’s personality. These preferences are extraversion versus introversion that show the source of one’s energy. Secondly, sensing versus intuition that indicate the things that one pays much attention to. Thirdly, thinking versus feeling to show how people make their decisions. Lastly, judging versus perception that tell how one lives his or her life.

Having a clear preference for any one of the four pair’s shows that a person uses their preferred style in their daily routine while not having a clear preference indicates that one switches from one style to another. For a catalyst, their purpose to work is that they need new challenges in life in an environment that gives them the freedom to what they like at their speed. They like activities that are fast, conceptual, have variety, and enables them to interact with others so that they can contribute and make things happen by facilitating. Catalysts manage their own time that they view as discontinuous and can do several tasks at the same time so that they can get quick results. They welcome change and like challenging the status quo. They lead by influencing and like to explore options. Catalysts need to learn to deal with priorities and details.


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