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Asthma is a kind of a disease that affects lungs airways. In normal breathing muscles surrounding the airways are relaxed and air moves in and out of the lungs freely. In asthma condition, there are 3 changes to the airways that will affect smooth movement of air in the airways. The muscle surrounding the airways tighten making airways narrow, airways lining become swollen, and the cells in the airways produce a lot of mucus that are thicker than the normal mucus. The symptoms of asthma are chest tightening, continuous coughing, and shortness of breath. When the airways are obstructed, the rate in which the air flows in the lungs is decreased; this is felt as tightness in the chest. Obstruction of the airways causes coughing. When the mucus increases in the airways, it stimulates continuous coughing; this is in an attempt by the body to clear the thick mucus from the airways. It is normally hereditary diseases but it can also affect people who have allergies. The problem occurs in asthmatic person because the walls of the airways are very sensitive and react fast to several things or triggers. The triggers include infections from things like cold and flu, changes in weather, some medications, irritants like strong perfumes and many other things. The diseases can be diagnosed and treated until it disappears.