Tutorial Task 2 Essay Example

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Tutorial Task 2

Goffman’s observational categories from ‘Gender Advertisements


The alcohol magazine’s advert is a choice that exhibits a number of Goffman’s observational categories from Gender Advertisements. The following dominant observational are depicted in the magazine advert from the most dominant to the least dominant:

Body Clowning

The advertisement seeks to showcase extreme happiness, urging the viewer of the ad to pursue their daydreams. This tends to insinuate that there is happiness borne of the use of Jose Cuervo Especial (a tequila alcoholic brand)

The element of advertising Jose Cuervo Especial presents the woman as a spontaneous occurrence whilst the man is portrayed as sturdy and stable and no wonder he is able to raise the lady and maintain her there.

The Ritualisation of Subordination

Goffman’s ritualisation of subordination is depicted by the raising of the woman by the man in the magazine advert featured herein clearly presenting the masculine gender as superior. To add to this Goffman’s observational categorization, the woman is seemingly clinging on to the man as though seeking support or owning up to his lifting.


The magazine advert presented in this context further affirms Goffman’s conclusion on the use of typical perception of gender relationships in advertisements. Quite a number of advertisements showcase the difficulty in altering the behavior and attitude toward gender relationships in advertisements as presented in this paper.