Trolley Dilemma Essay Example

3Trolley Dilemma

Based on my own understanding the trolley problems seems to be a query of human morality and at the same time a good example of a philosophical view termed as consequentialism. The philosophical view states that morality is mostly defined through the consequences of one’s actions and the consequences should be seen as the only thing that matters (Kagan, 1989 and Thomson, 1985). The two examples in the trolley problem will ultimately lead to death but I tend to agree more with the example of pulling a switch than with the example of pushing the fat man since the latter relates to killing a person while the former relates to letting a person to die (Donovan, 2008).

There was a time when I was faced with a moral dilemma. I have two best friends Rachel and Rahab and Rachael had even introduced me to his fiancé named Michael. But at two occasions I saw Rahab with Rachael’s fiancé and just assumed that they were just friends. Since we were open to each other during one of our talks Rahab reveled to be that he was dating Michael. The situation was morality challenging since both of them were my friends and my revelations would break our friendship. Bit eventually I revealed the situation to both of them.

There was also another time that I reported any employee my workplace for breaking company rule that stipulated that no one was supposed to use drugs and mostly especially when operating machinery. The situation raised some issues of legality since I had obtained the information of the employee use of drugs through dubious means. Though I thought that I have acted ethically to avert any possible harm to the employee and others it raised some issued of legality.


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