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Travel Online System



This document provides an outline of the provisions and requirements for a Travel Online (TOL) System. The TOL espouses modules that hotel managers can use to market their rooms. The end-users may as well use the system to make reservations for a respective room. The system also facilitates submission of advertisements by advertisers. Through the system, managing the hotels is simplified, as the hotel managers can upload and make alterations to room availability and prices. Sequentially, the systems assist in the management of bookings by allowing managers to make date alteration or to cancel reservations of the travellers already fed into the system. The system also has a module that allows guests to post a review in a discussion forum.


The Travel Online System is designed to provide a resourceful tool for advertising rooms and handling reservations based on bookings and demand. A key feature of the system is its capacity to be applied to any device that is connected to the internet, whether a local area network (LAN) or a 3G internet-enabled mobile device. The TOS has to be highly efficient and accessible.

My experience in working in Phase 1 was delightful. I also benefitted substantially from working in the team. Indeed, teamwork was crucial at this stage because of the huge tasks assigned in tight deadlines. The works also demanded that we distribute assignments among the team members proportionally to the workload. I can confidently assert that each member of the team made concerted efforts to finish the assignments on time.

In terms of experience, I have worked in the position of a professional engineer. Therefore, I appreciate the value of teamwork, where each team member makes a measure of contribution to the objective of delivering great project outcomes. Under this scenario, I am confident we are on the path in delivering a successful phase 1 report; the entire members of the team made noticeable efforts to deliver optimal results.

Communication is a critical success factor for great teamwork. From the outset, we encountered some problems with regards to communication since we were all strangers. With time, however, we developed a great relationship within the group. This creates an environment for developing a report in control all the time. It also enabled us to meet the deadlines each subsequent week.

The key areas proposed for improvement at this stage include developing a standard for drawing all diagrams and graphics since a good number of them differs and were done on the individual basis. The Software Engineering 2 topic enabled me to develop a clear vision regarding the subject of software development. Prior to I starting to study this topic, I was of the idea that software development was strictly concerned with developing and writing codes. Today, however, I realize that to develop incredible software, planning, and designing great documentation is indispensable. Other important titbits include identifying how to use domains, cases, and classes.

2. In my view, the group did a great job of delivering a report at the HD standard. During the entire stage, we dedicated a lot of time to studying and researching the material. Despite the differences of opinions, we had a deep connection and tended to attain an agreement, as well as write an outstanding report.

Concerning own mark, I believe I deserve an HD. I committed a significant amount of time to develop a report under control. I also monitored each member’s progress to examine his or her progress each week. Overall, this semester was a success. The practice of reviewing the lecture notes each week and attempting to relate the concepts to my work in the report provided me with an opportunity to learn on the job.

In concluding, it was a successful experience working within a team since everyone eventually developed the drive to aim at the HD mark. This made everyone double their efforts in order to achieve this goal.