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4Canberra (Australia) travel

Travel to Canberra (Australia)

Travel to Canberra (Australia)


Tourism is a major business around the world. This is especially true for Australia, where the business attracts large amounts of income through both international and foreign tourism. Through tourism, the creation of job opportunities is also made possible. The business significantly contributes to the reduction of unemployment cases, which is associated with increased crime. Thus, this paper examines Canberra as a tourist attraction site. It specifically identifies the challenges faced by travellers in accessing the city and suggests possible ways in resolving these barriers.

Barriers to Travel to Canberra

According to the tourism research Australia (2014, p.1), research on foreign studies in Australia present their view regarding the travel to Australia and the city of Canberra. Through the views of the students, travelling to Canberra is faced with the challenge of lack of direct international flights. This is associated by the fact that the city is indeed the nationals’ capital. Acquisition of a travel visa to Canberra is also costly and faced with great difficulties since the city houses major administrative centres including the parliamentary house.

A major barrier to travel to Canberra is presented by the restriction to travel. Travel arrangements are restricted to certain times of the year or when the reason for visiting is presented and accepted. The students expressed other barriers such as the difficulties in accessing transport within the cities. Language barrier within the city can also be attributed as a source of barrier to travel and tourism.

Ways to Resolve the Difficulties in Travel

According to Darcy et al. (1999, pp.1), the possible solutions to avoid difficulties in travel are; accessing a travel book can be handy in providing information on the whereabouts of the destination you are travelling to. Additionally, the assistant from a travel agent or use of available online information can come in handy. Travel agencies have facilitated easier visa acquisition. Through constant updating of online information, the foreigners and local tourist can access information on affordable sites. This enables efficient travel arrangements and ensures satisfaction to the tourist.


Based on the research findings of this paper, the process of accessing visa by foreign tourists has proved to be slow and difficult. This presents the most difficult barrier. Additional to this, the city administration restricts its accessibility through direct flights, making travel difficult. It is thus of great importance to eradicate these challenges and barriers in an effort to promote tourism and gain maximum benefits.


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