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Essentially, tourism plays a very significant role in a given nation, and its success entirely dependent on cooperation and the harmonious working relation of all stakeholders. Sustainability of tourism is a crucial component if all the concerned parties take an active role in the promotion of tourism within their sphere. The major stakeholders in this notable industry are citizens, employees, tourism developers, and tourist from a foreign nation, residents, companies and the government. The government of Thailand on their part do take an active role in market and brand tourism to the European nation so as to increase the number of foreign tourists visiting the nation which increases the revenue in turn for the nation[ CITATION Kas16 l 1033 ]. In looking at sustainable factors that would be considered in the view of making this industry realize its ultimate objective; some of these factors are political, economic, technological, and environmental and other underlying factors ‘centrepetalling’ this industry. If the policies of a given nation are not favorable, it may discourage tourist from visiting the said nation, and this may result in great loss of foreign exchange to that particular nation which in turn would hurt the economy of the country.

What are the external factors influencing the tourism sector in Thailand? (Pestle & analysis about Thailand)
This part will explicitly delve into pestle analysis of Thailand in the view of ascertaining how it influences tourism sector in the country.


The bilateral relation between Thailand and Cambodia clearly indicate that the country is putting a lot of effort to build an international relationship with the intent of expanding their tourism sector to this nation. As such, it may be very easy for anyone hailing from Cambodia to take an initiative of touring Thailand due to mutual understanding between the two nations which harnessing good cordial relationship[ CITATION Edw15 l 1033 ]. Worldwide Governance Indicator of 2010 reported that Thailand is performing poorly in employee relation and safety and above all corruption level is still at the peak a fact that may incredibly hinder tourism in this country.


Thailand solely relies on manufacturing sector which is very dominant in the nation. It is this sector that has boosted the tourism industry as affordable products are available to expand the hotels and lodging located in the different location of the nation. In 2010, the industry contributed 44.7% of GDP a clear indicator of the good performance of this industry which plays an instrumental role in tourism.


The environment of any nation offers an array of activity that may either work positively for the state or negatively depending on its friendliness to the key stakeholders. However, it has been established that the nation lacks relevant labor laws that safeguard the interest of the employees in their working environment. Notably, it is incumbent to state that, and entrepreneur or businessperson in Thailand would take fewer days to start their business as the country does expedite the process of licensing all that it pertains the business making it very effective for any investor to put up their business[ CITATION Kas16 l 1033 ]. Nonetheless, it has been found out that the country lacks competitive labor a fact that makes the business to lack stiff competition in the global market.

Legal factor

Virtually, employee’s laws are not followed to the latter, and this creates a lot loophole such that the management or employer may mistreat the employees as the policies are not clear regarding the workability of the employees. This therefore is another shortcoming of the employees or labor laws in Thailand as they are not enforced. On the same breath, it became evident that migrant workers are missed by the native employees to the point of bending sexually harassed or at time assaulted by the leadership of the different organization in which they dispense their services[ CITATION Edw15 l 1033 ]. This may impact negatively on the tourism sector as a tourist may be having a bad impression about the nation’s treatment of foreigners.

There is inequality in income, and social stratification is evidenced in the entire nation a fact that is augmented by the disparity in living standards. It is subtly clear that Bangkok and other areas surrounding it are economically stable as opposed to northeast part of Thailand. Another pitfall that is clear in Thailand is the issue of software piracy which is at the peak something that makes most of the foreign investors reluctant in establishing their business there due to higher susceptibility to risk that is always prevalent in the locality[ CITATION Edw15 l 1033 ]. Primarily, the country above has the highest literacy level of about 95.7%. This makes the nation have a large educated workforce which works positively for the growth of the nation.


Due to a great number of educated personnel in Thailand, they get a well-skilled professional who does engineer for technological innovation which is on the rise in the country. This makes the nation grow at a fast rate being at par with other nation at the global, scene regarding technology. It is due to this advancements that the manufacturing is performing well in the nation. This may too play a very vital role, in the tourism industry as the role of technology cannot be understated here.


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