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Topic: Making international Strategy for Swinburne university of technology (Australian uni) to internationally expand in Hong Kong. Essay Example

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Strategy options

Swinburne University of Technology is one of the leading universities in Australia. The university has plans for expanding its operations into the Hong Kong market in order to capitalize on the expanding technological innovations that capitalize the Hong Kong market. In this regard, some of the strategy options the university must take into consideration include the market critical success factors, steps that need to be taken in order to maximize competitiveness, market entry strategies as well as related management actions (Kotler, 2008).

Market critical success factors

Quality staff

CFS can be defined as the essential activities that must be carried out or performed if the organization or the university is to achieve the objectives, mission or goals for expanding into the Hong Kong market. One of the critical success factors includes quality of staff. This entails hiring the right people for the right job and hiring qualified people who can perform or drive the university’s activities professionally (Kotler, 2008). In this regard, as the university expands to the Hong Kong market, there is need to hire professional staff from the Hong Kong market in order to achieve a greater level of integration with the local market. However, in order to ensure that the quality of staff in the Hong Kong market results into a greater level of success there is need for further training of the staff to enable them run with the same mission and objectives of the university.

Equipment and facility

One of the immediate critical success factors the university needs to take into consideration is the availability of the required equipments for learning as well as enough facilities and room for expansion in case of the increase in the customer base. This is particularly important because quality of education is not only measured by the quality of the staff (teaching staff) present in the institution but also the types of equipments (such as laboratory equipments) that exists in the institution (Kotler, 2008). In this regard, the university should ensure that adequate equipments required in all the departments are availed for both theoretical and practical teaching. In addition, the university should have enough facilities for learning and accommodation in order to take into account those students who may wish to live and study in the university. Towards this end, the university should find facilities located in areas where expansion can take place when the number of students enrolling into the university increases.

Relationship with government

Establishing a cordial relationship with the Hong Kong government through Australian high commission in Hong Kong is of paramount importance. This can be enhanced through exchange programmes between students in Hong Kong Universities and Swinburne University of Technology students (MindTools, 2008).

Human resource management

Human resource management practices differ from one region to the other. In this regard, the management of Swinburne University of Technology should familiarize itself with the human resource management practices in Hong Kong in order to reduce conflicts with the hired staff that may hinder expansion of university’s activities in the Hong Kong market (Kotler, 2009).

Market research and understanding

The importance of market research is to enhance the understanding of the most desirable technological courses offered in other Hong Kong universities and how the teaching of such courses can be improved in order to differentiate the Swinburne University’s quality of education from that offered in the existing local universities (Prafull, 2010).

Raise revenue from additional sources

Financing is an important element in any given organization for expansion purposes. A part from internal financing where the revenue generated from Swinburne University in Australia will be used for expansion to the Hong Kong market, the university should source for more funds from other external sources such as government educational grants and loans from banks in order to have adequate financial resources for expansion.

Steps to maximise competiveness


It is imperative to note that the Hong Kong market has other local and foreign universities which operate in the market. In this regard, Swinburne University of Technology must develop strategies for maximising competiveness in order to succeed in the Hong market (Kotler, 2009). The first step for maximising competiveness in the Hong Kong market is differentiation. This entails providing quality of education in the university different from what is offered in other universities.

Training and development

To achieve the required level of differentiation in the mode of teaching and service provision, training and development is an important aspect required to enhance the skills and knowledge of the hired staff in the Hong Kong market to enable them provide quality services different from other universities (Kotler, 2009). Such skills include public and human relation skills required to ensure better interaction skills with the students in the university.

Superior marketing programs

This is another mode of differentiation. Adopting superior marketing programs not applied by other local and foreign universities is also a vital step towards enhancing the Swinburne University of Technology’s acceptability in the Hong Kong market. Such superior marketing programs include physical promotion of the university from one location to the other in the Hong Kong market. Advertisement of the university in the social networks in order to attract the attention of many young people desiring to advance their education. Providing discounts on fees charged to net a wider customer base and introducing new educational programs not found in other universities.

Improve the quality of personnel management

Personnel management includes aspects such reducing the conflicts between the management and the personnel, taking into consideration the cultural and religious practices of the personnel and enhancing the performance levels of the personnel through aspects such as promotions, on-time payment of salaries and wages as well as frequent training and development of the staff. In addition, it should also entail provision of other benefits such as paid maternity leaves for female staff and paid sick leaves. Such benefits would make Swinburne University of Technology in Hong Kong an attractive place to work as well as increase the positive word of mouth which will enable the university to achieve the desired level of competitiveness.

Promotion strategy

While many other local and foreign universities in the Hong Kong market may be carrying out their promotional strategies through local newspapers and local media such as televisions and radios, Swinburne University of Technology should undertake more intensive promotional strategy such as conducing roads shows from one location to the other where the University staff can interact one-on-one with the aspiring students and parents in order to sell its programmes, courses and other benefits provided by the university and which are not found in other universities (ACE, 2010). This promotional strategy will enhance the interaction level of the university and the aspiring students as well as parents thus increasing the word of mouth about the existing programmes and courses.

Market entry strategy

The strategy for entering into the Hong Kong market should be one that will enable Swinburne University of Technology to begin its activities as fast as possible. In this regard, a number of entry options are available. Such options include joint venture, licensing and management contract.

Market entry mode options

Joint venture licensing management contract







Low costs of entry

May take time to establish and build the required relationship

No time wasted in establishing relationship with the partner

May take time to obtain operating license

Low costs of entry

Inadequate quality of management

Opportunity to gain new expertise and capacity

Different styles of management and different cultures may hinder operations

Only one style of management and culture is introduced hence no conflicts of cultures and management styles

Increased costs of registrations

Fast entry into the local market

High probability of conflicts of managements styles

Opportunity to start activities immediately

Marketing of a new university may be cumbersome and difficult

Low levels of creativity in management styles to enhance a positive word of mouth

Selected mode of entry

From the table above, it is evident that a joint venture has more advantages than any other market entry strategy and it is therefore the most preferable mode of entry into the Hong Kong market. The first reason is that a joint venture would reduce the costs of new registrations required to obtain a new license to operate in the Hong Kong market. The second reason is that the costs of advertisements and marketing of Swinburne University of Technology would also be low (Analysis Mason, 2008). The third reason is that Swinburne University of Technology would only take short time before beginning because it will capitalize on the resources and expertise already available with the joint venture partner. The other reason is that Swinburne University of Technology will also capitalize on the existing customer base to begin its operations.

Licensing and management contract are not suitable because the costs of entry are high since Swinburne University of Technology has to register with the necessary authorities before obtaining the required license to operate in the Hong Kong market. The second disadvantage of licensing is that it will take a relatively longer period of time before the license is issued and hence the operations of the university will be delayed (Hilder, 2009). The third reason why licensing is not suitable is that building the required base of students would take a longer time and huge costs of advertisements and promotions. As stated above, the management contract would not be flexible approach particularly in the management styles that need to be applied to attract a number of students.

Related management actions

Among the actions that need to be taken into consideration by the management in the process of expansion to the Hong Kong market include being prepared well to enter the Hong Kong market. This includes having the required personnel and market entry strategies. The other action is developing effective marketing and promotion strategies such as extensive road shows and advertisements in the social media and billboards in order to alter the local consumers about the existence of the university in the Hong Kong market. The other action is developing effective recruitment and hiring strategies taking into consideration gender balance. The recruitment and hiring strategies should be in tandem with the human resource practices of the Hong Kong market to avoid conflicts in the recruitment processes (Lymbersky, 2008). The other action is carrying out extensive market research to establish the kind of programmes and courses that the university should advertise different from the existing courses offered by other universities. The other action is carrying out exchange programmes with the universities located in Hong Kong in order to establish cordial relations with the Hong Kong government to enable Swinburne University of Technology to gain a fast entry into the Hong Kong market.


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