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Science and Religion

Science and Religion

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Culture refers to distinct ways, values, and beliefs, shared among a group of people. The group of people can be classified by shared experiences, geographical settings among other aspects. Culture totally affects what one perceives as good or bad. This because, culture, comprises of some standard set of values, morals, beliefs, attitudes, way of thinking and patterns of behaviors shared among a group.

There have been debates across the globe about the relationship and compatibility of Science and religion. Some people have feared that science will challenge and destroy religion. However, I believe that science compliments religions. Science emphasizes on the results of actions thus the roles and duties of all in the universe. Without science religion would not be complete, besides science makes us know more which is safe.Religoin teach that they are consequences for behavior and science shows the relationship between different subjects in the universe. Thus the two are compatible.

Religion and spiritualism have some common aspects for instance the fact that they both show the way to reach God. However they are not totally the same; Religion dwells more on teaching people a specific dogma and a system of belief while spiritualism is not so concerned with intellectual beliefs but on the importance of knowing God personally and experiencing the divine consciousness.

Religions give more attention to the outward actions thus influences human practices and what is acceptable to people and what is not. Spiritualism focuses on the inner ward attitudes and values. Therefore the two are interlinked to science practices and beliefs and the acceptable norms.

Though science investigates facts that are universally known, it is not easy for it to transcend cultural practices among different people in different communities. The cultural differences exist to bring about varieties of actions and norms, beliefs and norms. Culture represents known and rigid ways of doing things that cannot be easily changed even by scientific inventions; culture gives identity to the different people unlike science which is universal.

I believe that Science requires faith to practice. Faith in the sense that one carries out and investigates a theory and publishes it today, the next day another scientist publishes a different theory. Faith gives the scientists the ability to put trust in a phenomenon and confidence to belief in interpretations and other people’s findings.

Collins: Why this scientist believes in God:

Collins is a scientist who found out that science on its own does not give a satisfaction and fulfillment in life. He realized the need to believe in a supernatural being who gives success and meaning to the universe. Science alone cannot have any meaning and fails to answer all questions. True wisdom is in knowing and believing in God on a personal level.

Collins acceptance and confession about his believe in God also means that he realizes that there is good and bad. That which is good brings about desirable rewards from God while the bad attracts a punishment. God is the creator of life and sustainer of life, Collins was unable to explain some issues to his patients despite being a great scientist. This is what triggered him to find a faith and thus he believes in God as the giver and maintainer of life. God is also the one who gives wisdom.