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To write a description (one page) of a tourism, hospitality or leisure service that you have experienced.

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Consumer behavior in a camping package

University Affiliation

Brief description of the experience

At one time, I was involved in a tourism experience that involved camping. The camping package was wisely crafted to include a variety of activities designed to accommodate needs of every individual. Before developing the camping package, formulators collected information concerning participants including age, sex, weight, health care issues, physical attributes, hobbies and personal aspirations. People with similar characteristics were grouped together to perform activities deemed fit for them. At the end of the experience, everyone was happy and satisfied because all personal and group needs were accurately satisfied. In addition, participants made new friends that could offer encouragement and support in pursuing dreams and aspirations.

Consumer process issues

  1. Pre-purchase issues

Participants decided that they wanted the camping package after organizers released their interim-plan and offered a window period where clients could voice their concerns. From the marketers’ point of view, the attitude of consumers towards the product could be analyzed via responses received from target audience. Target audience is in a position to rate their expected satisfaction just by considering the camping plan and activities.

  1. Purchase issues

From the consumers’ perspective, acquiring a new product customized to capture personal needs is extremely difficult. Purchasing a certain product reveals consumers’ needs and favorite pastime activities. From marketers’ perspective, situational factors greatly impact consumers’ purchase decisions because many people want a product that would not affect other planned events, such as work and family.

  1. Post-purchase issues

The camping package provided immense pleasure and satisfaction of intended function mainly because it was formulated and implemented with close consultation with all stakeholders. From marketer’s perspective, consideration of client’s need is the sole driving factor towards satisfaction (Solomon, 2010). When a consumer is satisfied, there is a high probability of re-purchase of similar products in future.


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