To develop an understanding of the principles of strategic planning. Essay Example

Strategic planning




There is need to have a strategic approach to our urban planning as there is an ever increasing uncertainty in development of urban areas. There should not be a mere addition of structures to already existing structures. There should be a strategic move to manage the structures that are already in place. There is also a need to have a good coordination between the different sectors that are concerned with planning administration urban areas like land use, transport, regional governments and housing. These problems are taken into consideration in strategic urban and regional planning and engaging in academic and applied developmental research. This paper will entail the issues that need to be taken into consideration when planning urban areas (Leornard, 1999).

In the period of the 1990s, there was prevalence to look into strategic planning of urban areas as the increase in urban areas became evident in many countries. It has been argued before that the ability to tackle complicated problems lies in the ability to combine the strategic creation of strategic vision with actions which are short-term. Here, the creation of strategic vision means the design of futures which are shared and the development and promotion of common future. All these will require that there is accountability and budgetary systems and framework and the enhancement of awareness for power systems. To be able to deliver on these demands will require that there be the development of strategic planning capacity and a shift of the process of planning where there will be more involvement of stakeholders basing on giving action which is joint and having the same interests, aims and knowledge.

The requirements of those people that live in the urban areas that pertains environmental quality has emphasized majorly on both economic and social development thus calling for the need for spiritual civilization. This paper has risen to discuss on urban special patterns focusing on urban green space system.

Path of urban green space system

In order to get a chance in the international competition, it is the role of the government to ensure that proper measures are taken so as to promote revive relationship among ternaries. The urban government is now entitled to come up with an appropriate design for the open space with the need of bringing up good settlement through urban layout. One of the most important here is the urban green space system because of its ecological values that are attached to it. The reason behind this is the fact that people in urban areas require a place that they will spent their spare time as a result of work pressure, on the same note, those that students in the urban areas will demand for a space that they will spent their free time as well (American Planning Association, 2006). This issue bring into consideration between the environment mechanism and the impact it brings to people’s lives. This fact is raising an alarm with the urge of relating this green space mechanism with other spatial forms by building up a diversity system hence safeguarding urban areas with ecological related issues. It is estimated that the total area that should be covered by green space system is at least 25% of the total urban area, the order of construction should comprise of green spots as well as alleyway which should be at least higher that other forms of spatial, that is slightly below the traffic system.

Comments on urban green space knowledge-based economy

The rapid in technological innovations as far as digital information is concern, have made a great improvement by helping knowledge to move in terms of information though digital means supported by network. As a result, production, distribution, exchange and knowledge usage has been made possible thus possessing a solid ground. It is through this that human and economic factors tend to be adjusted with time as well as introducing new components for social development. Such changes can alter the impacts of up coming process, functional shift as well as spatial patterns in the urban area. On the same instance, the greenbelt system can as well go through a number of changes.

On the contrary, there are key principles that lie besides planning in urban area. First is establishing a consensus within a future model in relation to a developing project to the global face. The main reason why a strategic planning is done is mainly because it will help create a picture of how the model of the city in the future will actually look like as per the consensus carried out in the government and citizens. Occasionally, strategic plan can act perfectly as a tool to instill social and political consensus within the model of the city in future. It can also emerge into a brand from a plan since its start up (OECD, 2010).

Second is coming up with a clear definition on how the urban model fits into the changing environment. For instance, an up coming event such as sports will call for an implementation of a strategic plan. In this note also strategic planning can be used in pointing out a project that give character and structure to a well established territory.

Thirdly, finding a solution to an affected environment, by employing strategic plan the urban center will be in a position to positively respond to crisis. For example, in incidence that are related to mining, will be solving so as not to affect the future development of the urban area.

Fourth, this is the fact that all aspects of humanity are promoted which will at the end ensure that they are cohesive and also be integrated. Developing strategic plan in respect to territorial continuity will thus enhance social improvement.

Strategic plan being a tool for managing territories will in one way or another provide answers to management problems within a geographical area. Strategic planning in this essence will ensure that decision making bodies follow the recommended criteria and not with the political benefits. Such cases are quite rampant in governments where there in insufficient majority thus causing confrontations (Archer, 1998).

On the sixth reason for strategic planning, acts as a tool that generates leadership as far as political stability is concern.

In developing a Strategic plan, opportunities are made thus making it easy to formulate strategies which will promote cooperation in the long run. Being a virtue, it outlays a favorable condition for networks to be built both in private and public entities. Strategic planning is therefore regarded to take some responsibilities in project implementation plan.

Identification of main parties who contributed to the partnership either nationally or internationally of a given urban center is greatly done through strategic planning. The need for a government to promote itself either nationally or internationally will be affected by strategic planning.

It therefore in orders to review the strategic plan in respect to the general plan of an urban area. In most cities, they are revised in accordance with the overall plan.

Lastly, reasons that are to be stated in a strategic plan must be up to date. That is, they should be fashionable. In addition, it should be well understood and like by many.

For it to be a good strategic plan, it should be; instrumental to both public and private cooperation, précised to both city model and project portfolio and must be articulated by civic engagement. In all cases, political aspect must be willing at all cost.


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