Title: Soft New Writing: Character Profile Essay Example

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Title:Soft New Writing: Character Profile

Soft New Writing: Character Profile

Of women who overcome massive obstacles to achieve greatness

Don’t you just love women who are beautiful and have the brains to match the beauty? Angela Wu is one of these women. As a young woman who has achieved her double degree, master of commerce and master of international business in the University of Sydney, and already applying for a PhD in Western Sydney University, one can say she has achieved a lot for age.

“When I go home, people celebrate me as a scholar” says the youthful Angela who has already applied for PhD and has set her eyes on researching something about the environment issues and the global economics. “I ask them: what makes you think I am a scholar worthy being celebrated?” Many people probably answer him with blank stares or a stammer.

Angela says that her interest to research on environment issues is her belief that being in charge of the environment, humanity benefits if the human policy preserves the environment. “It is human beings who should save the environment. People must make their leaders change towards environment preservation and therefore we should stand for what we believe in”.

But Angela’s road to success has not been so smooth. She one of those people who are so dedicated to their dream of education and success that they keep at it, in spite of the struggles of a lifetime. By the time Angela turned eighteen, she had attended ten schools in as many years. She had sought shelter in parks, motels, and had never had a permanent residence for more than a year. Angela endured the leering of pimps and drug barons and the teasing of pupils at numerous schools she attended because she was labeled as “different” since she came from a not so well of background.

However, in 2006, at age of eighteen years, Angela was accepted at the University of Sydney. Homeless since early childhood, Angela had to struggle all her life to hide her situation from teachers and fellow pupils. When Angela was only 8 years, she placed in the 99th percentile on a state examination, and her teachers told her that she was an intelligent and a gifted student. From that time forward, she made a decision of doing whatever it took to ensure she remained in that category. “I was so proud of being hardworking and smart and I never wanted people claiming that I got the easy way out because I was a destitute.” “I never saw my helpless state as an excuse.” Angela did not focus on her difficulties but she endured and learnt from those hardships, and this greatly contributed to her acceptance into University of Sydney after completing her high school studies.

The young, energetic and intelligent was then admitted at the University of Sydney to study a business course. While at University of Sydney, Angela joined student leadership which saw her take numerous leadership roles at the university until she completed her first degree. On completing her undergraduate and attaining first class honors, Angela got a scholarship for Masters at the same University. “I was not only the best female student that year, but also the best student overall which saw me get an award and Masters Scholarship as well. I have never been this proud of myself in my life”.

Angela earned her both masters’ degrees from University of Sydney and is so proud of this achievement. She adds that people should always be dedicated to their dreams. “There are two kinds of people,” Angela believes on the role of an achiever. “People who see all too clearly what others are seeing but fail to appreciate and pursue their dreams, and people who see what future holds for them and go ahead to pursue their dreams regardless of obstacles holding them back. I believe I belong to the latter category”, Angela proudly beams.

But Angela reserves her greatest respect to young people who do not seek to conform. These are the young people who end up achieving their dreams because they do not waste their time trying to get acceptance from their peer because their efforts are focused towards achieving their goals. “What do I hope for my future? To completely forget my bitter difficult past but learn from it, to see all women worldwide especially those facing financial difficulties acquire education and become self-dependent, and to see environmental conservation take its rightful place within the society, globally.”

Angela says that what matters is the step people take to achieve their dreams. The gap between a person and his/her dreams is only time. Given time, if we work hard at it, we can achieve whatever we want. This statement really sums up the Angela’s attitude. Success and accomplishment is not something people deserve but it is something people work to overcome many inevitable obstacles in our lives. Many people would see the obstacles in their lives as justification for not achieving their goals but Angela was able to somehow see around the obstacles in her life and achieve her dreams.

Explanation of the key features of the piece

The profile and the photograph represent a woman known as Angela Wu who has gone through a lot to achieve her dreams of being an educated woman. She was a postgraduate student in the University of Sydney. Now she is just achieved her double degree, master of commerce and master of international business in the University of Sydney and is applying for a PhD in Western Sydney University. She is planning to research something about the environment issues and the global economics in her future studies. She has contacted one professor in Western Sydney University and ready to have a project about «Supply Chain Carbon Accounting».

Accuracy was adhered to when writing the profile. The story and the photograph reflect reality. Integrity requires journalists to adhere to the highest ethical standards of the journalism profession as well as to the values preserved in the journalism principles. Accordingly, the profile represents the authentic story of Angela (Bainbridge, Goc & Tynan 2012).

Ethical standards have been followed in both the photograph and the profile as well. First, the image has not been manipulated in any way because the photograph represents the authentic image of Angela Wu. Besides, Photoshop which is an extremely sophisticated image manipulation program was only used in formatting the photograph, cropping, sizing, and balancing the tone and color of the image. This means that the photograph was not altered in any way to represent a different person/image. In addition, there is no intrusion into privacy. Basically, developing a long-range lens and obtaining attention-grabbing photographs make privacy a major ethical issue. The profile was written and the photograph was taken legitimately (Selgin 2007).

The story adhered to an expository writing style. This is because the story is intelligible to the readers and is engaging and succinct as well. Narration has been used to tell the story which is an important toll in sequencing the information logically (Bainbridge, Goc & Tynan 2012). As a result, narration was useful in helping the reader see clear sequences separate from all other mental functions. In addition, the story is also comprehensive and precise as well. Readers will not spend a lot of time reading the story and also most of the intended information has been captured in the story. Furthermore, the headline of the profile catches the attention of a reader and in captivating as well and thus this will motivate the reader to read the story (Morrell 2006).


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