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Relevance of CVF model in my working experience

I am currently studying and doing a part time job in a hospitality industry. The position is quite challenging and requires a lot of determination and consultation so as to work with the other colleagues. I totally agree with the observation made by Quinn that working with a team may be quite challenging if proper mechanisms are not put in place. The most popular model applied while working with the other employees is the human relations model. The model is quite relevant to the company as it brings all the members of the teams together and promotes good working relationship. This is mainly by encouraging free interaction among the team members and good communication practices.

Human relations model also places the manager at the position of a servant and a mentor. All the employees look upon the manager for advice and guidance in case they are faced with challenges. This has played a key role in ensuring that the needs of every employee are addressed regardless of the situation. Solving conflicts in the organization has been easy since all the team members are free with the manager and have placed a lot of trust in him. Through the use of human relation model, all the targets for the organization have been achieved since the model gives the manager a lot of opportunity to motivate the employees. The motivation according to Quinn is mainly for the purpose of ensuring that every team member feels appreciated. This has successfully worked and has translated to better results for the organization. CVF is thus quite relevant as I have noticed in my work experience as and it has played a key role in the success of the organization.


Quinn, R, et al, 2011, Becoming A Master Manager: A Competing Values Approach, 5th ed, John Wiley & Sons Inc, New York.

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