Title: Disaster planning Essay Example

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Title: Disaster planning

Disaster planning


Anticipating the worst scenario has to be a common factor of risk management and disaster planning. Many businesses have not adequately explored means that they can use to deal with unlikely events in case they do happen. Developing new ideas through discontinuous mindset plays an important role in developing courses of actions that can be pursued. This paper explores disaster management and how well managers can prepare for game-changing futures.

Analysis and

Disaster management is one of the fundamental practices that are not taken seriously by companies when developing alternative methods in case of risks. Businesses have to be ready for discontinuities which can totally how this are approached in the industry. Unlike events are bound to happen even if do not factor them into their plans (Singer & Paul, 2010). The surprise that comes with unlikely event can shake the entire organization leading to a halt in production. Resources have to be channeled towards building new courses of actions when unlikely events come calling. Being open-minded helps managers to deal with unexpected events. The volcanic event that happened in Iceland made many businesses especially airlines to lose millions of business and the air was shut to wait for the volcanic ash to clear. Various business personalities were stranded somewhere in Europe and they could not transmit their businesses normally. Companies’ executives have to learn from unexpected risks and develop ways of dealing with the consequences.

Conclusion and

Global business have to come up with plans, procedures and policies that can address a variety of potential threats like global warming, terrorism, and Swine flu. The airspace closure following the Iceland volcanic eruption disrupted global commerce and air travel. No one had anticipated such events but those who had virtual offices in place went ahead and conducted their meeting without meeting face to face. Innovative planning techniques can be used to assist companies in planning for possible future events (Robbins et al, 2012). Alternative information sources are important in identification of threats as well as opportunities. Staff members have to be encouraged to seek information outside their immediate discipline or field. More information is provided through this means instead of being confined to one area. Rewards and incentives have to be provided in order to encourage discontinuous mindset: new ideas can be generated through this means. Developing a discontinuous mindset is the key towards anticipating unlikely events like the Iceland volcano.


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