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Street-Based Drug Markets

The peak Footscray being a hub of drug trafficking was arrived at in the early 1990s. This was an indicator for the area’s economic growth, societal wellbeing, heath and security. For these reasons, as the law enforcement bodies, we initiated an operation that we branded, “Clean Heart.” To enable us succeed in the operation, as the law enforcement body we initiated a proactive strategy where the civilian members of the society were made part of the operation. They helped us to identify the actual sellers and the buyers for arrest. According to Campbell Aitken, David Moore, Peter Higgs, Jenny Kelsall (2002), the arrests that we made and the subsequent jail sentence and or fines brought down the drug trafficking with a significant margin. In the crackdown we anticipated a great shift in business from drug trafficking to other businesses which were legally acceptable. However, we came to find out that the harder we fought, the more other loopholes for trafficking opened. Corruption was a major setback because bribery enabled some consumers and sellers to escape the arrest. The addicts also suffered from withdrawal syndrome affecting the society negatively.From the Clean Heart operation, I learnt that an alternative to drug trafficking should be provided to the society along with the crackdown so that there is a clear shift and change in business operations.

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