The Impact of Online Shopping to Consumer Behaviour Essay Example

This topic has been selected because it does not involve an intervention which could significantly harm the participants. Furthermore, the study does not involve vulnerable subjects. Most people are using the Internet for different purposes and reasons like reviewing the prices of a product, placing an order, selecting services and products, or making payments. Online shopping behaviour can be defined as the process of buying services or products through the Internet. In this process, when a need to buy a service or merchandise arises, the potential consumer go online and look for information associated with his/her need. Sometimes the consumer gets attracted by information regarding services or products related to the felt need. Therefore, he/she search for alternatives and select the one which suitably meets their need. The objective of this study will be to provide an in-depth understanding of the consumer behaviour when using the internet in order to identify the compound effects of different external behavioural intentions, attitude, beliefs, social influence, perceived risks, and so forth. The study will offer a comprehensive insight into the factors that drive online purchasing and the attitudes of consumers to e-commerce. According to Mittal (133), the impact of e-commerce on consumer behaviour can be grouped into internal (motivation, perception, semiotics, self-image) and external (social-economics, technology, demographics) factors. The study findings would help demonstrate how online shopping affects consumers. Without a doubt, this study is a low-risk research because the only foreseeable risk is discomfort.

Work Cited

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