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Media Release

Media release refers to either a written or recorded communication which is directed to members of the news media for announcing something newsworthy. Main focus is to gain coverage so as to promote a certain subject or disseminate information. Social media release on the other hand refers to distributing of information in the company’s, face book accounts and twitter (Waters, Richard, Natalie, Tindall &Timothy 2009). Writing and prepare a release to be distributed in whichever media requires a writer to prepare adequately and have good skills both in negotiation and written communication. No matter the kind of release one is writing, headlines should be interesting and engaging. This will encourage target audience to continue reading or following up the message. Descriptive language is an important skill needed in both types of release as it enables the writer to narrate a story in ether media release or in a social media blog. This skill helps a writer to support the release article with faces and figures that go away in boosting the credibility of an article. In addition, simplicity is an important skill in writing either a media release or social media blog post .this makes it easier for audience to draw meaning and relate with it.

Social media release differs from the other media in the way they are written and format type. Negotiation skill required when writing in a blog is different from a press release in term of writing style and negotiation capability. Negotiating in a social media require one to understand well the culture of the target audience. Social media blogs differ from other media release in the way they are written with few words, maybe a heading and few single sentences. Most blogs release use eye catching photos to attract audience attention unlike media release where descriptive words which express feelings are used to try attract reader’s attention. While media release require writers to use long paragraphs that need reporters to dig deep for information, social media blogs make use of bullet point facts to deliver the point. Social media release may not contain all information available for the reader to see but only the most important and the rest of extra details are embedded in links to websites, information source and blogs. This is not the case with media release as it aims at giving each and every detail to the reader. While social media release has buttons embedded which allows writers to track how many people reader the release and still facilitates easy sharing of the release.

Boo at the zoo media release

The facilitators of the Australia’s most famous Halloween party are here again with more family enjoyment “Boo at the zoo” new attractions with Frankenstein’s moster bash on 31st December 2015.

The festival will be like no other this time round with special and new features and activities: starting with a bewitching welcoming party to the Zoo. Spooky lights mixed with special effects will make the custom animatronics plants of the Zoo come to life in the dark, this will be free for registered guest. This one will be a fresh new one with Hay ride which will take visitors for a fun haunted ride around the Zoo in the trains track. This will be a family travel together thing, one of a kind.

Happy New Year day at the zoo, first one in the Boo history festival will take course on January 1. This will be a flavor added to the festival with collaboration with famous Hola Arkansas with Hispanic dancers to merry the festival. The night will be flavored by showcase from food vendors who will display customs on food common with the happy New Year festival.

Adults only night, this time round will be awesome with tasty beverages topped up with tunes of a live cover band for more fun. Swimming facility will be available during the night in the Zoo “natural” pools. Visitors feel positive to coming with costumes for the breeze.

Come with kids as Boo’s kid’s carnival arena will be full of games that will keep kids yearning for more. This is one of the most favorite and attracting new site for Boo celebration focusing on kids who like playing for prizes. Payment for as low as $20 per kid, tickets are available online.

Finally Boo festival opens Thursday; 30th December with adults only night then the Boo will start officially to the public on 31st December. Guest and visitors can purchase tickets inclusive for admission at as low as $10.

Reflective writing

Written communication and negotiation skills have been crucial as part of my development plan to improving my writing career. From the time I joined my current university my goal to make my written communication skill effective have depended on my strength to be a good researcher while putting to practice whatever learnt into trial. I can pride of having strength in interaction as am able to get involved with course mates in group discussion positively. Writing course assignments have served to improve my overall writing and negotiation skill. Contrary time and lack of clear objectives on where I want to be in terms of developing both my written communication and negotiation skills and poor practice has threatened my desire to improve.

Currently I classify myself at the middle of my development capability using the stages of development framework adapted by Walker et al, 2009. I have developed a plan strategy to help me make progress in both my written and negotiation skills by the end of this semester. Making use of the available typing software’s and programs in the university communication centre to enhance my ease and speed of typing. In addition I will involve myself in numerous group activities particularly brainstorming sessions to get involved in idea generation as this will improve my negotiation skills. Writing a lot of planed media release using visual aids with outlines of key areas that have to be included in the story, this will have promoted my written communication at the end of the semester.

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