This is for presentation, write up about 3 theory which I stated below, base on the newspaper articles that i upload Essay Example

The different articles which harp on childcare facilities, growing importance of childcare facilities, rising cost and other important dimensions highlights the manner in which different economic and financial concepts are being looked at. The article brings forward three important theories namely Relatively Inelastic, Perfect Competition, Human Capital.

The rising cost and people willing to pay extra especially for the different facilities which childcare environment presents highlights the manner in which people are relatively inelastic towards cost. People residing especially in wealthy suburbs are relatively inelastic and are willing to pay extra for the health care facilities which are provided to children. This is on the backdrop that people feel that better facilities comes at a higher price and by doing so human capital will improve and children will be better nurtured to carry out different responsibilities in the future.

The article thereby moves away from the concept of perfect competition which states that the prices in the market should be determined based on market fundamentals and no party should be exploited. The articles show that people are charged more for the childcare facility which goes against the concept of perfect competition and is making the market structure to be more inelastic. Considering the same from the concept of human capital it is quite evident that the overall framework has looked towards strengthening human capital and would thereby lead towards improving the overall productivity in the future. This could thereby look to ensure that better market structure exist in the future and perfect competition is a form of structure which is likely to be found in the near future.

Also looking at the article from different perspective it is seen that relatively inelastic markets are found in the wealthy suburb areas but a more or less perfect competition exist in different market areas where the price which is charged is determined based on market fundamentals. This helps to bring forward the case where different market determinants play their part and determine the manner in which prices will be charged in the market. Further, the development of human capital has been stressed on which gives important relevance and importance to the growth of childcare facilities even at a higher cost so that overall opportunities can be better in the future.

The articles thereby look to bring forward the different concepts clearly and show the manner in which different market fundamentals determine the long term importance of human capital. Since, the market structure is more inelastic in wealthy areas and more or less perfect competition (which is a difficult phenomenon in reality) in other areas it reflects the different opportunities and options which the development of human capital possesses. This will thereby help to identify the important fundamentals and shape the overall process of carrying out different activities so that the determinants of market structure are improved. The overall process would lead towards garnering better results and would lead towards transforming human capital to carry out different activities in a better way.