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This is a part of the group assignment, you are just required to write about 400 words for this paper Essay Example

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Practice theory

Practice theory can simply be termed as the theory attempting to explain how human beings being social use their diverse motives as well as intentions to make and transform the world in where they are living. In other words, it explains how structure and human beings actions work together in a dynamic relationship to affect the world in which they live. On a corporate perspective, practice theory would entail how the organization and the various stakeholders (people) work together in cyclical manner to affect the world or each other. For instance, an organization which has employees with a positive attitude is likely to be influenced by their actions while an organization with a negative attitude is most likely to have problems with employees’ turnover. Similarly, am organization will also influence the people’s attitude and culture hence affecting the society. For instant, an organization with a responsible organizational culture will most likely influence its employees to be responsible.

As indicated above, both the organization and the people influence one another according to practice theory. However, in practice, practice theory may not be effectively applied. For instance, McCartney design’s management in practice influences the actions of its staff members but fails to allow the staff members influence it by giving them a say on their roles. In the organization, employees are expected to perform their duties without arguing which is centrally to what practice theory postulates. Were practice theory to be practically applied in organizations, then arguments such as the one between the director designer and the operations manager regarding the designers conduct and adherence to rules and regulations would not arise. This is because the theory seems to suggest an organization where everyone is allowed to have their say and where everyone’s actions influence others while the organization and the society influence one another. The company’s culture stands responsibility, honesty and care for the environment. But one would seek to ask if the culture influences employees’ actions beyond the confines of the organization. As such, practice theory is a theory applicable in ideal organizations but may not be entirely applicable in the real world. Organizations have to be guided by rules and principles in order for them to be governable and achieve their aims and objectives. Suggesting that organizations will influence and always be influenced by the environment may to a great extent be misleading. However, it is worth noting that on a limited number of cases, organizations have shaped and have been shaped by the external world as well as their staff as in the case of corporate social responsibility.


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