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Topic: Emotional Intelligence and cultural intelligence

Emotional intelligence assessment basically entails handling of emotions in business. Basing on an online assessment test carried out this paper demonstrates how emotional intelligence is vital for sustainable results in growth and performance of a business or organization using relevant real life applications. In any organization or business interactions between colleagues, business associates and clients is vital for the success of any business. As such, it is an essential attribute in that influences decision making, performance and ultimately growth of any organization and business.

The biggest possible issues that will arise are language barrier, academic qualifications, trust and work practice permit, different cultures. Working in different countries will have to counter these issues, because cultural intelligence entails, interpersonal skills, cooperation, and cross- cultural. The executives will both have challenges on being open on the new experiences and new job station that have to be open to share ideas and have the capability to continue learning. Language barrier is another impediment to conversation because both executives comes from different background and both have various kinds of languages in their countries thus it will be a challenge to communicate to each other. That’s why there should be cohesion and synergy in every organization to bring different world cultures together to effectively deliver exceptional service.

First and Foremost, an emotional and cultural intelligence is carried out courtesy of Future Visions at emotional confidence as key to success and organizational growth. An individual needs to realize his or her visibility within an organization. Charisma is an important factor especially to managers and leaders within an organization, since it motivates others to work harder. Contributions towards organizational activities, decision making and contributions towards team work and leadership are vital in enhancing emotional confidence.

Self emotional intelligence involves making decisions that are logical than emotionally based. Individuals with a higher emotional intelligence levels take personal responsibility for their actions, decisions and activities. Such individuals opt to quit due to poor decisions and alternatives. In real life situations, management deals with co-ordination of individuals where decisions have to be made in order to ensure progression. Wrong decisions made, may result to huge losses and consequences. It is required of managers in such departments to take personal responsibility in order to ensure integrity, accountability and responsibility. Ownership defines personality is a greater indicator of profound management qualities.

Tentatively, emotional and cultural connection with others either at the department and other sections is profound to ensure team work and personal development. Can you influence people without controlling them? According to Robert Bolton, management involves the ability to easily co-ordinate and harmonizes human resource to achieve organizational objectives and goals. More so, it involves the ability to connect and link with others to generate conditions necessary for organizational success. In real life situations, emotional connection in an organization should involve knowing employees on a personal level, by name and the ability to identify them in case of meetings and briefs. This is a major contributor towards organizational culture and achievement of mission and vision.

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