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2Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate conservation is one of the factors that is affecting the social well-being of human beings. Anthropologist observe that human beings have a great role in ensuring the environment is conserved. Environment conservation is an important undertaking in the community. When we pollute nature, it is difficult to withstand the effects of nature on our life. The major sources of pollution has been the usage of nonrenewable sources of energy. They have resulted to massive emissions of carbon to the atmosphere which in return cause global warming. There is need to look into the types of energy that are used to avoid the future negative impact that they may cause in the environment. This makes it necessary for use to ensure massive investment in renewable sources of energy is undertaken.

The source of energy that is non-renewable are the major contributors of carbon emission to the atmosphere. Emission of carbon usually has a very hazardous impact to the environment. There is a need for us to understand on how this can be reduced. Global warming is a rising problem, and it is becoming more of a problem every day in today’s society. The carbon footprint set by the populations of the world has become a major issue and must be minimized. It is now the obligation of all engineers to think about the environment when designing anything. The world depends on fossil fuels every day, and this must be reduced and ultimately eliminated. This should be replaced with renewable sources of energy to ensure the future generations of the world. This task, however, is a difficult one due to the high power demands of today’s society.

In this paper we will seek to understand the importance of renewable energy in ensuring that pollution of the environment is reduced. Different types of renewable types of energy are to be considered to see how they contribute towards a clean environment. Different human activities that are considered positive will be used in determining the progress that renewable energy can make towards reducing emission of carbon to the environment. The paper will consider factors that are positive by on the perspective of anthropologist, in undertaking calculations and other environmental considerations regarding renewable energy contribution towards fighting of the climate change in the world.

The results of various research that has been undertaken indicate the factors that need to be taken by different individuals in the world in ensuring that renewable sources of energy are implemented so as to fight the whole issue of climate. The results are in research indicate the extent to which only renewable sources of energy can be used by different people to ensure that the emission of carbon to the environment is reduced. However, there must an element if fossil fuel (natural gases) have also been utilized as another source of stable power. Ideally no State in the world can fully depend on renewable energy due to renewable energy is unreliable unlike fossil fuels. Different big cities in the world demand quite high power consumption and therefore it is not realistic that this state will last with renewable energy alone. Bearing in mind that this cities are some of the areas in the world that need an increased demand for energy in the world. This shows to the extent to which the anthropology perspective is true that human beings are the key drivers on the extent to which reduction of carbon emission to the environment can be reduced. If they decide that they will keep carbon emission at its lowest levels as possible then it is important to note they will be able to fight climate in a large deal.

In these short research it is has been found on how renewable source of energy has eliminated or reduced the use of other forms of energy that may be harmful to the environment. The renewable solution completely eliminates the need of nuclear power and reduces coal significantly. Due to this elimination, New York renewable energy has increased significantly. The role of human beings based on the anthropologist perspective also has been taken into consideration. However, other aspects have not been taken into consideration such as: economic factors, environmental impact and interconnection with the grid.

The thesis state of the research paper is going to be “The contribution of renewal sources of energy in fighting emission of carbon to the atmosphere in a bid to combat climate change”. Further, the research question of the research paper is going to be; “What is the role of Human beings in ensuring that more renewable energy is used to combat carbon emission?”


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