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Start with general statement on the psychological effects that the parents of special needs children in your country go through. State how your findings will help the parents, children and future researches. Provide background information on the problems the special-needs parents go through and justify why you have to undertake the research. Explain the direction your research by outlining the thesis statement or hypothesis.

Literature Review

Reviews of past studies on the psychological effects that the parents of special needs children go through and the challenges they face. You have to review any qualitative findings (from studies based on quantitative research methods) and qualitative findings (studies based on qualitative research methods) and review how this findings interrelate, as well as relate to your study.

Research Design & Methods

Select the research design method, whether you will use quantitative or qualitative research methods to collect data. This should depend on the type of data you are pursuing and the size of participants you want. For instance, qualitative research methods are appropriate for small study samples and for this research since you will be pursuing exploratory research to gain an insight into the causal reasons for some attitudes or opinions of the special-needs parents on problems they face. In this case, you may have to use non-probability sampling methods (such as purposive sampling, quota sampling and convenience sampling) to select sample. Afterwards, outline the methods you will use to analyse the data collected.


In the finding section, describe the participants in your study. Report all the findings you interpreted from the data you collected. At this stage, you can use graphs to summarise your interpretations. Since you may use qualitative research method, group the findings you make by categorizing them in terms of themes or topics.


Discuss what you interpret as your most important findings regarding the psychological effects that the parents of special needs children go through in your country and the challenges they face. Relate your findings to the thesis statement or hypothesis, as well as the findings you made in your literature review section.


Present the challenges and what you see as the shortcoming of your research. You could criticize the extent of application of the findings to the parents and special-needs children, research methodology you used, the size of your sample or the number of literature sources you used. Also, identify if there will be a need for follow-up study. Conclude with recommendations to the challenges that parents of special needs children go through.

Reference List

Present all the sources of research information you cited in your research in an alphabetical order.


Present a copy of pertinent materials such as the research questionnaire that you used. Also, present the consent form you sent to participants to ask for their permission to participate in the study.