The Wayne Williams Case Essay Example

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Wayne Williams Case

Question 1

The Case and the evidence presented all go to show that Wayne Williams was responsible for most of the murders. Fibers found on the victims’ bodies indicated that they came from Wayne Williams’s home mostly from his carpet and were found on many bodies of young children who had been killed and dumped into the woods. He was identified by many people as being the one who carried some of the children in his wagon after having picked them places they liked to go and spend their time. Over the years his alibis in most of the cases have continued to change which make him more suspicious. His car was also spotted at a bridge over a river in Atlanta after a loud splash was heard after something was thrown in the river.

Question 2

Keen observations could have been done in some of the cases where the suspects were different people to make sure the evidence was correct and did not overlap in cases. Sketches could have been taken seriously and hearsay disregarded since it was not a true form of evidence that could be used in court. Some of the evidence that should have been presented in court was not handed over and only came to light after Wayne had been convicted. Pinning all the child murders on the suspect was wrong since some of the evidence did not point to him.

Question 3

Wayne Williams did not kill the other ten people. Evidence collected from the victims’ bodies did not match anything from Williams home or belongings. And some of it was not conclusive and would have required more analysis. Some of the sketches provided by witnesses who saw the children talking to men on the day o their disappearances did not resemble Wayne Williams.

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