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The Sapphires-Movie Review

The Sapphires-Movie Review

The Sapphires is a very fascinating Australian drama/film that is based on a true story. The film that centers around four Australian Aboriginals was done in the 1960s when racism, discrimination, violence and poverty were the orders of the day. In particular, racism is one of the themes that clearly stand out in this film. The film depicts clearly how black people were considered an inferior race and thus treated differently from the white people. This review discusses how race and gender is depicted in the movie.

Like in America, racism was a big problem in Australia during the 1960s as blacks were considered an inferior race to their white counterparts. As such, they were subjected to different treatments from the whites that were considered a superior race. The Sapphires brings out these racial issues vividly and candidly. The fist issue of racism comes about during the talent show. The talent show is meant to pick the best performer from a pool of artists. Ordinarily, it would be expected that the best person should be picked during a talent show (ABC, 2015). However, this happened not to be the case during the talent show depicted in this fascinating drama. According to the film, all the audience appears convicted that the four Aboriginals stood out as the best performers and thus should be picked (Ho, 2012). Unfortunately, they are bypassed by judges who are whites merely because of their Aboriginal heritage. This is a manifestation of racism of the highest order. The racism practiced here impacted negatively on the careers of the Aboriginals as it denied them the opportunity to advance as singers.

Racism is also manifested in the film at the point where Kay and a black soldier attempts to assist a soldier who has been injured in the battlefield. Unfortunately, the unexpected happens as the injured soldier refuses to receive help from Kay and the black soldier merely because they are black. The injured soldier shouts, “keep that black dog away from me” (The Sapphires, 2014). Few minutes later, the injured soldier who had refused to be helped by Kay and his colleague dies. In this respect, the film does a good job by showing to the audience the extent to which prejudice against black affected whites.

The film also bring out racism at the point where Kay is shown telling the girls that she would like to go out with one of the soldiers. Although Julie and Cynthia are both happy about Kay’s moves, Gail strongly objects the decision telling her that “going out with a black guy ain’t gonna make you any blacker” (Trailer, 2013). This implies that Gail was not willing to accept her and decides to bully her on account of race.

Other than racism, the film also brought out the issue of gender. At the time the film was done, women were not expected to perform well in music as this was a preserve for men. However, the four Aboriginal girls went against all odds by outperforming their male counterparts during a contest (Thorpe, 2012).

In conclusion, the Sapphires are a very interesting drama that centers largely on racism and gender issues. As illustrated above, the film tells of how blacks were considered an inferior race and treated differently from the white people. Despite racism discrimination and prejudice, they work hard to ensure that they achieve their goals.


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