The Role of Women in Conflict Resolution Surname Essay Example

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The Role of Women in Conflict Resolution

The Role of Women in Conflict Resolution

The essay is aimed at describing conflict and conflict resolution from historical period to the current period. The main component of focus in conflict and conflict resolution in this context is the role of gender specifically women in conflict resolutions right from the ancient times to the current time. The essay explains how women were used during the ancient times to help in conflicts management and the role they play in the today’s world pertaining to conflict resolution.

Gender has an effect on the conflicts and the conflict resolution styles. The aspects of discussion on this topic are based on the general physiology. Research shows that women contribute to the society and produce observations that are much general to many cultures. Women are ubiquitous to the majority cultural settings and in diverse areas, it isn’t because they lack that interest and ability in the situation but because there have been deliberate efforts to their exclusion. In the western societies, regardless of the demographic consideration, women are forced or constitute in a position of a minority group. The status is mainly maintained by the powerful and the dominant majority that is the men. Women mostly engage in the domestic issues and leave the real work as called by the powerful majority of running and ruling the nation in economics and politics that are particular to men. Implementation of the policies, however, seated in the myopic perception, lead to the women’s erosion position in the society.

The arrival of the civilization changed some roles of the women to occupancy of the new tasks in the society. In the African society, the women play a centralized role in the maintenance of the unity within the community (Erdwins, Buffardi, Casper & O’Brien, 2001). For instance, elements such as traditional education, conflict prevention, and resolution were served by the women in the pre-colonial period. Before the western education manifestation in Africa, the society had a method developed in conflict resolution that is mediation that was based on the storytelling technique mostly circulated on several cultural myths that characterized the African socialization process. Each of the cultures in Africa had its way of socialization process due to the difference in the traditions (Kulik, Shilo-Levin & Liberman, 2015). Women played an indispensable role in the conflict resolution process that made the socialization process in the community.


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