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The current US constitution has undergone a series of amendments ever since it was drafted during the independence in 1776. The constitution was written by a series of leaders in the independence to help govern the country under the leadership of the first president of the United States. However, during the early 1980s. The country’s leadership embarked on a series of amending the entire US constitution. This resulted in the 1783-1788 US constitution draft which resulted in the 1789 US law (Fried, 2008). This paper analyses and highlights the major provisions of the 1789 US constitution.

The US Constitution 1789 Provisions.

According to Middup (2015), the US Constitution forms the foundation for the federal government. The current US constitution is a series of amendments from the 1789 US constitution, which was laid upon protecting the US citizens while binding on the rules for the governance. It was called the supreme rule of the law, and that no law should be passed in contradictory to the constitution (Middup, 2015). Over 200 years ever since 1789 when the US Constitution was drafted, there have been only 27 amendments.

As Middup (2015) asserts, the 1789 US Constitution is divided into three parts, the preamble, the seven articles and lastly the amendments. With each of these three having a distinct role. The preamble describes the general purpose of the constitution paper to the federal government. The seven articles alternatively establish the ways in which the government is structured and how the constitution can be changed (Middup, 2015). The last part, the amendments lists all the changes of the constitution, where the first ten are referred to as the bill of rights.

According to Jones (2011), the Constitution establishes the United States of America as the federal type of government republic, democratic in that it governs itself via the power of the citizens. The constitution states that the country is a republic in that the government powers are derived from the people. The core purpose of the 1789 US Constitution is to establish the justice, while ensuring da domestic tranquillity, providing a common defense. Other aspects of the 1789 US constitution were promoting social welfare, securing the liberty blessings to the country (Jones, 2011). The constitution founding fathers, however, established three fundamental principles in which the government is based. They are;

i. The inherent rights, the rights that any America citizen possesses.

ii. The self-government, the government by the American people,

iii. Separation of the powers, and the branches of government, the local, state, and different federal powers.

According to Dueck (2015), after establishing the federal system of the government, the 1789 US constitution similarly reinstalled the powers of the president, as well as restricting the bounds which they cannot exceed. The constitution is likewise clearly isolated the US Senate with the House of Representatives. The Supreme Court was set up by the paper to set justice in line with the Constitution, executing the law defaulters. The bill of rights is included in part three of the constitution, the amendments part, which apparently isolated the changes part, with the ten first parts which is the bill of rights to all Americans (Dueck, 2015).

Dueck (2015) chronicles that the 1789 US constitution set the country in line with following the state, which had previously been binding to the articles of association formulated in the previous governments and during the independence. This system of government did not regulate or state clearly the status and the restrictions of the trade between different states; the 1789 US constitution, therefore, regulated the process of trading in different states.


The 1789 US constitution is the backbone of the current US constitution. During the year 1789, the United States formulated into law the draft constitution which was reviewed by a team of selected scholars. The law set up the setting of the use government while clearly defining the bill of rights. The constitution included three sections, defined by their roles, the preamble, the seven articles and the amendments. This 1789 US constitution is the currently used in the United States, two hundred and twenty-seven years later, with only twenty-seven amendments done on it so far.


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