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Case Study Assessment

Case Study Name: The Prospector Hotel

Case Study Overview: The case presents the situation of Prospector Hotel and how because of its improper management the hotel business is suffering along with the employees.

What Operating System(s) is included in this Case Study: The Food and beverage operations, which later gets outsourced (for a fixed income to the prospector hotel) and the Rooms division.

Overall Kudos:

  • The clerks liked their jobs

  • The average age of the front office operations was below 30, which kept the overall energy of operations quite high keeping it busy and energetic.

  • Outsourcing of the food and beverage division in return for a fixed income. This department was responsible for the majority of the costs that the hotel incurred.

Overall Challenges:

  • High turnover of the front desk

  • The improper shift timings of the front desk-they had to work day and night

  • Lack of discipline of staff – for example, the staff member wore their own clothes instead of a hotel staff dress code and they have the habit of arriving late.

  • The organization structure also does not seem to be very clear. Even though John is the general manager, Franklin still retained the control, and has not provided ample autonomy to John for taking decisions.

  • John also has the same interfering habit with monitoring the performance of the front desk staff, which not only impacts the employee performance but has also affected customer service. This was also the reason behind many employees leaving jobs.

Overall Customer Service Kudos: The front desk staff, in spite of their discipline related issues, seemed adept at their jobs as they always received good customer ratings

Overall Customer Service Challenges:

  • Staff members being uncomfortable raises potential for poor performance when it comes to customer service. This problem is particularly relevant for night shifts, when the employees have explicitly reported their discomfort.

  • The frequent quitting of the employees is yet another problem that can affect the customer service. Every time a new employee joins, he needs to start from the initial steps at learning how the restaurant functions. Seasons employees on the other hand, who are already familiar with the organization can be more customer focused, rather than focusing on learning the new system.

Solution Recommendation:

  • It is important to clearly define the organization structure and according to that also clearly define the tasks and responsibilities for each role.

  • For each job role a certain level of autonomy has to be provided to every employee.

  • The hotel also has to put proper processes in place for promotions, performance appraisal, grievance and feedback.

  • The overall management also has to be professional and proper communication, recruitment based on personal rapport, grapevine and rumors, etc. need to be completely done away with. This can be done only when professional processes are put in place and each employee is given a professional treatment. This requires Franklin and John also to step up and change their behaviors, as the work culture usually trickles down. The decisions have to be taken in consultation with the stakeholders and they need to be adequately informed.

  • A brief induction or training process can be established that informs the employees (both new and old) about the processes in place and how they are expected to function.