The Poetics of Construction: A Non Technical Note Essay Example

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The Poetics of Construction: A Non Technical Note

This article focuses on the actual meaning of architecture. According to this text, architecture is not what is expressed in words. It implies the actual work on the ground. The author clearly outlines that it is hard to separate human being with the act of making. In other words, human beings are creative creatures capable of forming structures in the mind before putting them into real life situation. As it is note in the article, people’s way of life is understood from the kind of activities they engage in.

It is this act of making that led to the contemporary architectural forms. Evidently, the forms are affected by a number of important factors like the function of the structures, client, program, economic activities among other factors. This means that when an architect lays down some form of structure, it has to bring out meaning. The two can ever be separated. In the process of construction, it is therefore imperative that the architect does not assume the method of design used which must appeal to the eyes as well as the function of the structure. A good illustration on how architectural designs must merge with the function can be seen in the contemporary designing of the Dulles International Airport. As a result of the capacity and economic need of the Airport, modern architects who designed it had to put space and durability into consideration.

A close examination of such a structure reveals as well as concurs with this article that drawing is the initial stage in architectural design. From the outward look of the structure, the airport appeals not only to the emotions but also to the technological developments of the contemporary architecture. For this reason, it is true that architecture begins in the mind in which paper work follows before the actual work of construction. It is this ultimate work that reveals the initial idea.


Dulles International Airport


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