The marketing plan of spry olive oil Essay Example

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The marketing Plan of Spry Olive Oil.

Several benefits come from the olive spray. First, olive oil spray can be used as a remedy to treat wounds. The spray has wound healing properties that once applied to a wound; it will heal. The product also has other benefits related to skin (Jenkins, 20). For instance when sprayed with equal portions of cocoa butter, it will lead to the reduction of stretch marks in the body. It is also beneficial when included in skin care products and recipes like masks and exfoliants. Doing so will help extend the lifespan of expensive skin care products and improve their quality (Jenkins 27).

Research has shown that olive oil is effective in the healing and treatment of skin burns or wounds after being used externally. According to the new study by the Journal Burns indicates that application of olive oil is instrumental in the healing process of burns where the oil works from within. In the study, researchers evaluated the impact of olive oil in healing of burns among hospitalized patients (Guzzard, 14).The study involved 100 patients with second- and third-degree burn wounds on 10–20 percent of the surface area of their bodies. Olive oil was applied on their wounds by spraying on the bandages.

Another group was assigned sunflower oil. Although there were no significant changes on the total surface area of the burns, significant differences were reported in the reduction of the duration of healing and consequently hospitalization. Evidently, study has indicated that anti-inflammatory and antioxidant therapies are instrumental in ensuring that wounds healed, especially those caused by burns (Guzzard, 14). Olive oil contains four types of antioxidants that help the body to fight the free radicals that damage human skin (Guzzard, 65). The powerful antioxidant nature of the oil helps in blocking pathogens from entering through body openings, including wounds, thus increasing the rate of recovery, which olive oil spray suitable for healing wounds.

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