The Learning Styles Indicators Essay Example

3The Learning Styles Indicators

The Learning Styles Indicators

The Learning Styles Indicators

All individuals have their preferences in what they learn and how they want to learn it. Through the study I was able to acknowledge that some people prefer to learn through practical while other opts to learn through complex ideas and theories. Other prefers learning through experiments while some make use of imagination. The article offer valuable information in that it asserts that each person have their own preferred way of undertaking a learning task and some types of learning will be simple while other will be difficult. Based on these individuals who are more inclined to practical will have difficult when they are taught using the abstract ideas and theory. The learning style indicator offers individuals with substitute styles which are totally different from a person’s preferred style. Individuals at times have no option since their jobs and careers dictate that they take a different approach rather than their preferred approach. By knowing what one is good at and also the weak point’s individuals can learn how they need to develop their own learning skills so as to manage with the wide variety of the various learning content and learning tasks. Through the article, I was able to learn of the various learning styles that is the explorer, activator, clarifier and innovator and that no learning style is better when compared to the others. I also learnt that one can make use of more than one style based on the fact that some learning tasks may be well suited for certain learning tasks and unsuited for some task.


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