The importance of statistic in our life Essay Example

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Importance of Statistics in our Life


Statistics are collections of mathematical equations that can be used to analyze things that are happening around the world. Statistics has been recognized as a key player in shaping and providing scientific data that has the impact in the aspects of human life. In the modern society, statistics has been useful in decision makings, both locally and internationally. All these decisions have made the statistics to be a critical component in our lives.

Statistics has been a useful tool in the operation of business activities. Business leaders significantly depend on statistical information to make commercial decisions. For instance, the records of sales in a company can be analyzed using statistical techniques to make interventions that might result in profitability.

Further, Statistics is essential in planning and management of social affairs in our lives, especially where it be used in the identification of emerging problems. For example, the health sector uses statistics on diseases and death to determine health issue that is prevalence in a particular human population group.The government uses statistic in planning for economic affairs of the country as the census information can be used to determine the number of job opportunities that is required to solve the problem of unemployment. Moreover, statistics are important in palming of war and defense strategies of a nation. The statistical information can be used to compare the military power of different nations about tanks and troops to determine the effective strategies to use to overcome an enemy.


Statistics is crucial in the human’s life. Numerous fields use statistical information to solve both current and future challenges that are facing people through planning and management of social affairs. Further, statistics are used in the business world and wars to achieve the desired goals. Therefore, growth and development of human beings depend on statistics.