The Greenhouse Essay Example

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The Greenhouse

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17th July, 2013

The Greenhouse

Design activism is seen as an emerging movement that tends to put design as being the focal point that is when it comes to solving fundamental essential societal and civic problems. Thorpe further argues that “activism involves taking action that makes for change on behalf of a wronged, excluded or neglected group” (Thorpe 2011, pp. 1). In this essay I will use the greenhouse as an example for my argument. The greenhouse is a good example to be considered as a design activism. This is based on the fact that the greenhouse is more related to the aspect of operating as well as designing better and efficient places for indivudls in the globe. This places enables the indivudls to have a touch of the natural materials, have a clear understanding of where the daily commodities are derived from and at the same time have a taste of fresh foods that are straight the farms.

The greenhouses have in a way helped in solving some of the problem that exists in the globe and they have also made the products that are produced in them better. The greenhouse has also been designed with a lot of simplicity and also based on the desire to assemble and dismantle very minimal expenditure will be incurred. Based on this the greenhouse seems to be harmless and it still has a positive eco impact. This further proves that the greenhouse is a good example of design activism (Thorpe 2011, pp. 2).

The image below is an example of a greenhouse

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Thorpe, A. (2011). Defining Design as Activism. Submitted to Journal of Architectural Education.