The future is here: advergaming and reality TV Essay Example

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Advergaming and reality TV

There have been tremendous changes in the global ways and means of advertising. Moreover, there has been a concentration on the new trends of advertising which involve the use of TV reality shows and video games. The traditional mode of advertising by use of TV has met new challenges especially due to emergence of digital video recorders that enable viewers to exclude adverts from what they view in the TV.

Use of TV reality shows has a lot of strength in advertising. Their popularity in the modern world is profound. Another key thing is that the celebrities participating in the show are regarded as role models and thus associating them with a certain product gives it an extra appeal to the customer. Just like sitcoms, reality shows also have strength as the viewers are able to recall especially if the brand is mentioned and shown early. (Romaniuk, 2009).

The new front of advergaming has provided advertisers with a new way of reaching their customers. The games are contained in social networking sites such as facebook; others are designed as pop-ups while others are available as application programs for computers, smartphones, iPhones and mobile phones. They are cheap or free making them attractive. The products to be advertised are embedded in the games and the player has to see them in the course of playing. Advergames are interactive and help generate leads, build product awareness, increases site visits and is cost-effective. (Chen, J., Ringel, M. 2001)

Advergames have become popular and are a must have for any e-business that wants success. They engage customers for long period in an interactive and compelling way making them develop affinity to the product through the immersive experience they offer. They teach about features and benefits of the product, engage the player in “tell your friend” chain that eventually links many potential customers to the site.

  1. Watch two reality television programs broadcast in your region. What brands are featured on these programs? Do they use a program placement or an in-your-face strategy?

I watched the reality shows “Big Brother” and “Fashion today”. The two brands among several that I have noted being advertised are coca cola soft drinks and clothing respectively.

In Fashion today, the advertising approach being used is an in-your-face strategy. The participants clothe in different wears throughout the show and the show rotates on the emergent trends in clothing.

In amazing race, the approach used is product placement. Coca cola soft drinks are placed in several locations where the participating runners are located. The runners even drink them throughout the show and the products are advertised directly during commercial breaks in the course of the show meaning it is no coincidence.

  1. Do traditional advertising agencies support advertising in video games and reality television? Conduct a study to address this question. What are some of the leading agencies serving these advertising niches? Which agency would you use and why?

Traditional advertising agencies are slowly appreciating advertising via video games and reality television. They used to rely mostly on newspapers and magazines but times have changed.They appreciate the fact that today it is no longer possible for them to reach the youth who are majority in population and who are growingly inclined to modern advertising methods. They are adjusting accordingly though they are still faced with harsh realities of these TV times. They have to compress their adverts and retain the message while ensuring the intended impact is achieved. (Angwin & Hallernan, 2005).

Currently, the leading advirtisin agents who have adopted the new trends are google and yahoo. Their adoption without reluctancy has been key to their enormous growth in recent years. According to the US journal of Interactive Advertising Bureau Annual Reports and Press Releases, 2000-2008, google has grown to position itself way above the other advertising agencies. It offers its services through its search engine which enjoys the most online visits. For advertising purposes therefore, I would cchoose google.

  1. Observe some video games that feature advertisements. What types of products and brands are typically featured? Does this communication method target a certain demographic group? Discuss.

Mostly, they feature both commodities and services which include: footwear and accessories, audio and video equipment, beer and wine, computers and software, confectionery and snacks, hotels and resorts, beverages, insurance services, toys and games, restaurants, automobiles, financial services, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals among others.

The adverts by and large target specific demographic groups though some may be termed as focusing on the general audience. The natural aim for the advertiser is to target the household consumer. They are guided by the site visited as a specific demographic group will mainly visit specific sites due to interest. The advertisers have in mind that only interested visitor will pay attention to the advert. (Daugherty and Gangadharbatla, 2005)

  1. Make a list of other types of products and/or brands that can use these new methods as part of their overall IMC strategy. Why do you think they could be successful in using this strategy?

Fig. 1: A table showing different products that could be advertised using TV reality shows and advergaming and why they could be successful.

Type of product Why it could be successful in using the strategy
Food and food products The high number of diverse potential customers that will be reached
Automotive High number of audience, the good impression it will create to the audience especially if the strategy in use is in-your-face with the show being more or less about the automotive. In advergaming, the impression will be deeper especially if the game is about motor racing.
Beverages The high number of audience, being consumed or talked about by participants may impact positively on the audience.
Cosmetics The high number of audience, being worn by participants or placed in the background will be awesome as the audience will be inclined to do the same.
Beer and wine High number of audience
Toys and hobby craft High number of audience, appearing in videogames may increase their sales

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