The Family in Europe (Presentation) Essay Example

Speech Presentation: Changes in the family structure in Spain

  • Topic: Changes in the family structure in Spain

  • The essay will concentrate on the changes that have happened in the family structure from the 20th century to contemporary times.

  • It will focus on the working class family; to find out what political implications have been raised by these changes especially in terms of family policy.

  • The reason this topic generates interest – Because there have been major changes in the family especially on the changing role of women on work and proving care for the children. This has affected the family and we all know that we belong to and are encultured in a family.

  • Being aware of these changes and the policy demands they raise is important if the society is to protect the family structure.

  • Basically, the essay will seek to answer the question; “what changes have taken place in the family structure of a working-class family in Spain and what are the political implications of such changes in terms of family policy.

  • Spain is largely a catholic nation. Thus both the society and the state expect religion to play a role in protecting the family.

  • The ‘Church’ also expects the state to form family policies that are in line with the teaching of the church. It is therefore paramount to find out how forming of these policies is affected by religion.

  • The family policy should be able to address the issues of employment, mother’s life, paternal responsibility, wellbeing of the child and relations within the family among others.

  • What is the significance of the essay? – There is a lot importance in looking at the issues that affect such an important an institution as the family. Identifying the changes in the family structure raises highlights gaps in policies that need to be addressed.

  • The essay will show the need for satisfactory contemporary family policy that has been necessitated by the inevitable changes that have taken place in the family structure.

  • There are good articles that will provide the needed information for this essay; For instance

  1. An article by Mary Daly titled “Changing life in Europe: Significance for state and society”. It talks on the nature of changes that have occurred in European societies and looks at the policies required to protect the family in such changes.

  2. The article by Katrin and Salido “Recent policy development in Germany and Spain: Toward gender equality in earning and caring”. This article looks at the impact of recent changes in family policies on promotion of equality of women to work and care for children. They address the social, political and social factors that have necessitated the policy changes in both Germany and Spain.