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The Evaluation Feedback

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The Evaluation Feedback

The peer presentation is excellent. The presenter did an impeccable research and ensured the ideas flow. The visuals used are more than just perfect. The author made sure that the picture selection is supporting the message engraved in each slide to make the presentation more appealing. To say the least, the visual application is well tailored and configured for the best of the information seekers. The message in the presentation is quite helpful and thought to provoke. The depression part was more persuasive as it is supposed to be to communicate the real idea (Trent, Neumann & Kvashny, 1987). The relationship of the likes and comments done on a particular post compared to the full number of friends in Facebook are the elements that trigger depression and emotional instabilities. The design is quite okay. However, the length could be increased a bit to allow coverage of all aspects of Facebook: both negative and positive in details.

The thesis statement is replicated through the slides in every topic ushered. This is call thesis reconnection. This gives the readers a chance to realize what the aim of the presentation is without going back to the thesis statement and reconnect. The statement is in agreement with the major topic being discussed. The performance is intertwined with other author’s sources that are in line with the topic. This gives the presenter the authority to air their ideas and concepts. The visual used to support the thesis and puts more stress on the central theme of each topic of a particular slide. The pictures are useful in passing the intended message to the congregation. Other than the visuals, the author has used concepts and terms that put more emphasis to the message been communicated. If the author could have included more hyperlinks and video clips along the presentation could have made it more appealing (Morrison & Vogel, 1998).


The presentation is quite informative and detailed. I learned a lot. I am now aware of several uses of Facebook both negative and positive. I can now use it for marketing my business ideas over just posting selfies for seeking comments and likes. The general appearance of the presentation is attention-seeking; it keeps you interested to read more. This has helped me to be able to select better slides theme to rhyme with my ideas being laid out. Therefore, when making my presentation, I will be able to make the best by applying the acquired tactics. The presentation is educative and provokes the user’s mind to do more.


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