The Ethics form for risk assessment test Essay Example

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Does the research involve any fieldwork — Overseas or in the UK? Where? (15 words)
Field work will be conducted in London and in the US where the Company has stores

C10. PARTICIPANTS: How many people do you envisage will participate, who are they, and how will they be selected?(20 words)
The research will engage 300 participants including Muji’s employees current and retired, customers, shareholders and owners. They will be selected randomly for the interview.

C11. RECRUITMENT: How will participants be approached and recruited? (20 words)
Respondents will be mailed and telephoned regarding the expected interview and asked for their feedback about participation either instantly or after being allowed time to consider.

C12.METHOD: What research method(s) do you plan to use; e.g. interview, questionnaire/self-completion questionnaire, field observation, audio/audio-visual recording? (15 words)
For this research interviews will be used since first hand data is desired and verifications where necessary

C13. LOCATION: Where will the project be carried out e.g. public place, in researcher’s office, in private office at organization? (10 words)The research will be conducted partially in public place and partially in private office.

C14. INFORMED CONSENT: Please describe the process you will use to ensure your participants are freely giving fully informed consent to participate. This will usually include the provision of an Information Sheet and will normally require a Consent Form unless there is justification for not doing so. (Please state this clearly). (30 words)there is no reason for the use of information sheet since upon request for respondents participation, they will be allowed duration for consideration. As will be stated in the mail or via phone call through the company’s correspondent, change in mind about participation will be understood.

C15. RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL: Participants should be able to withdraw from the research at any time. Participants should also be able to withdraw their data if it is linked to them and should be told when this will no longer be possible (e.g. once it has been included in the final report). Please describe the exact arrangements for withdrawal from participation and withdrawal of data for your study. (30 words)Upon request of participation, participant will legally be allowed to withdraw within three day grace period. The data they share will be withdrawn upon request one week after its collection. After this duration however, data will not be withdrawn even with respondent’s request.

C16. OTHER ETHICAL ISSUES: If you answered YES to anything in A.1 above you must specifically address this here. Please also consider whether there are other ethical issues you should be covering here. Please also make reference to the professional code of conduct you intend to follow in your research. ( 30 words)Collection of personal information will be with full compliance with the data protection Act 1998. This will involve engaging the respondents in signing an agreement that binds their terms with the researcher in relation to this and having government advocates witness and attest to this. Respondents will be informed of their rights and the legal actions available for them if bindings concerning personal information are violated

C17. Will you ensure that the processing of personal information related to the study will be in full compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA)?  ( 1 word)Yes

C17a. If you are processing any personal information outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) you must explain how compliance with the DPA will be ensured.(20 words)Respondents residing outside the EEA will read through the provided Data Protection Act 1998 and cross check it with the laws of their countries regarding the same. Differences will be harmonized via legal processes involving representatives from both sides.

C18. Will you take steps to ensure the confidentiality of personal information? (1 word)Yes

C18a. Please provide details of anonymization procedures and of physical and technical security measures here: (20 words)The interview forms will be put together once all the respondents have been interviewed. Those that will be selected for analysis will be chosen randomly since no forms will bear the respondent’s names.

C19. Will all data related to this study be retained and shared in a form that is fully anonymised (separated from information that can identify the participant)? (1 word)Yes

C19a. If you answered «no» to the above question you must ensure that any limitations to full anonymity are detailed in the Information Sheet and that participant consent will be in place. If relevant, please outline limitations here: ( N/A)N/A

C20. Will the Principal Investigator take full responsibility during the study, for ensuring appropriate storage and security of information (including research data, consent forms and administrative records) and, where appropriate, will the necessary arrangements be made in order to process copyright material lawfully? (1 word)Yes

C20a. If you answered «no» to the above question, please give further details: (N/A)N/A

C21. Who will have access to personal information relating to this study?( 10 words)The leaders of the research team. However this will be under oath of not disclosing it to other people.

C22.Data management responsibilities after the study. State how long study information including research data, consent forms and personal identification will be retained, in what format(s) and where the information will be kept.(20 words)The data obtained from the research upon certification by all the relevant stakeholders will be retained in the Company for the entire trading period. After this it will be stored in the Company’s data base for future reference and comparisons

C23. Are any other ethical clearances or permissions (internal or external) required? Please see the help text (i) for further details (1 word)No

C23a. If yes, please give further details including the name and address of the organization. If other ethical approval has already been received please attach evidence of approval, otherwise you will need to supply it when ready.