The environment culture of marketing

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Question 7

Yes, I think the Shanghai development will benefit at all from the Hong Kong experience since the latter is perceived to have already encompassed most of the Chinese culture. It has continued to provide an uncomplicated set of environment for potential Chinese visitors from the mainland. For instance, the park adopts Feng Shui, which is a practice that involves the arrangement of objects like internal placements of furniture in order to accomplish the concept of harmony with the underlying environment at hand. The popular Chinese culture is also used for purposes of selecting a place to live in since it has a direct effect on matters related to health, wealth and personal relations.

The lack of knowledge that is common amongst the Chinese people about American characters has been countered by the endless marketing campaigns conducted in order to familiarise guests with a majority coming from Mainland China with Disneyland. In fact, the Hong Kong Disney is deemed to be Chinese all throughout and it is not considered to be an American theme park that is to be for Mickey Mouse that is set to be launched in China. The Mickey Mouse set to launch in China should be able to ascertain that it needs to include cast members that are extremely diverse, be able to comprehend different cultures and have the capacity to communicate in different set of languages to foster even more guests from across the globe.

Question 8

In my opinion, I think that Disney should focus on three areas that include; South Africa-Johannesburg, Indonesia-Jakarta and UAE-Dubai. Out of these three destinations, I believe that Disney X should be established in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. There are a significant number of reasons for this. First, Dubai is UAE’s leading Emirati that serves more tourists across the globe. It has an efficient air-transport network that connects to such other not well-penetrable areas like Africa and other sections of the Middle East at large. Dubai’s culture is not that reserved and most of the residents and immigrants working within the location are far much aware of the different American Disney characters therefore serving the most notable local guests to the theme park all the year round. Dubai residents are quite diverse and understand speak different languages including English, which will make it easier to promote the cast members to the locals even more effectively.

Question 9

I do not think that setting new theme park in Dubai would suffer from operational implications as witnessed in Euro Disney and Hong Kong since the local residents are already familiar with notable American cast characters like Donald Duck amongst others. Following this line of reasoning, Dubai operations would be affordable and precisely as no more additional costs are expected to be incurred to try and match up with local culture of the place that is already known and fairly-replicates that found in America. The venture is expected to viable and thus, Disney management can go ahead and actualize it altogether.