The cyber capabilities of Australia Essay Example

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Australia Cyber Capabilities

Australia is a country on the edge of technological advancement. It has a significant rate of growth in the cyber and internet world. Australian government acknowledges the scale covered by the cyber security. This is on top on the list of priorities in the economic and social development of the country’s information and communications technologies which comprises of computers, mobile communications, the internet and other online businesses and networks, ranging from private to public utilization.

As the cyber technologies become pervasive in the lives of Australia people, individuals, organizations together with the government are becoming more dependent on them for a number of purposes and functions that comprise of online purchases, communication and searching for relevant information across the globe. The government recognizes the benefits and importance of the advancement in technology towards the digital economy (Wang, 1350).

The Australian government has set aside approximately forty three billion dollars over the last years for the purposes of building and operating a national internet network which can deliver a superfast internet access for the Australian citizens. This investment is one of the largest in the history of the country’s broadband infrastructure. It is meant to transform and facilitate the way Australians communicate across the globe.

Moreover, the nation has an integral cyber security strategy that is in place to monitor and support all the internet communication in the country. The strategy also supports or facilitates the ability to respond to various national matters that are in line with spread of internet technology among the civilians.


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