The Contribution of Current Ideas in Adult Learning to HRD reflective Essay Example

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I remember learning on the contributions that the current ideas in adult learning have impacted on the field of human resources development. This was organized in lectures where different topics relevant to the field of adult learning were put into discussion.

I can well recognize that the lecture started with the objectives of the study where various reasons as to why the study was relevant were discussed into details. An introduction into the theory of adult learning and a background of the field was also critically looked into. I remember that this gave the various theories that have been put forward by various researchers. Additionally, there was learning into the various approaches and contributions o literature. I can recall the lecture drawing some relations between the two fields. The connection between adult learning and educational contexts was put into consideration outlining the diversity of challenges associated with adult learning in organizational contexts. I can remember learning on the various forms of adult learning and the associated debates in the current ideas in the field. The current issues reflected the ways in which the field of adult learning has been dissected in the community. Looking at the material learnt in this context, the lecture explained the needs of the adult learners and the challenges posed to the human resource development.