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The Cohen’s newsagency booking system main processes Essay Example

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  1. The Cohen’s newsagency booking system main processes

The Cohen’s newsagency booking system main processes

During the registration stage, the agency requires some information from the customers or person in need of the newspaper. These information include the name, address of the customer, list of the newspapers required, the date from which the delivery should commence, the amount that needs to be paid, the last date of dispatching the newspaper, and the status. The company registers with different newspaper companies to ensure that the locals have variety of papers of papers to choose from based n their tastes and preferences. Upon registration, the agency receives the newspapers dispatched by the printers and avail them to the customers. Based on the needs of the local customers, they place their orders on the newspapers that they require which they place the orders. The agency then processes the newspapers depending on the orders. After validation and processing of the orders, the agency then distributes the newspapers to the customers based on their locations within the town. Processing also involves sorting the newspapers into Ages, Australians, Herald Suns, and Clarions and inserting special magazines and advertising materials into the papers. Distribution occurs in different ways with the boys arriving at 6am and separating the orders into regions. With institution’s delivery schedule sheets, the boys are able to determine what each customer receives. Billing and revenue collection occur at the last stage upon receiving the ordered newspapers. The agency determines the bill based on the location and the type of newspaper required.

  1. Context diagram

The Cohen’s newsagency booking system main processes 1

Context diagram represents institutional flow of data. Cohen’s Newsagancy booking system is the central information centre with data meant for Mrs. Cohen, producer of the newspaper, delivery boys, and the customers. From the customers, the agency majorly receives the daily sales reports from the orders made from the sales. Information that leaves the agency goes to the delivery boys responsible for dispatching the newspapers. From the Newsagency booking systems, the delivery boys majorly receive delivery details containing information for where to dispatch the orders and the types of newspapers. On the other hand, the newspaper producer delivers personal details to the Newsagency booking system to easier follow-ups. Mrs. Cohen plays vital role in the organizational context diagram. Mrs. Cohen receives all the schedule and invoice details from the Newsagency booking system. The schedules involve processing of the orders made by the newspapers by the customers, arranging for the boys for their deliveries, and regions to receive the dispatched newspapers. On receiving the schedules and invoices, Mrs. Cohen forwards the card details and details of the customers to the Newsagency booking system. The schedule delivery includes the name of the street, house number, and the required newspaper that should be dispatched to the customers.

  1. Level 0. Main p

The Cohen’s newsagency booking system main processes 2

Cohen’s processes take different dimensions. The process commences with Mrs. Cohen receiving the details of the new customers and registers their information. The registration involves preparation of the cards, which needs to include the name of the customers, their addresses, the name of the newspaper required, commences and stop date, owing amount, and status. Besides preparation of customers’ details, other processes emanating from Mrs. Cohen include preparation of invoices and unpacking the newspapers. After unpacking the newspaper, there is separation depending on the producers and areas of dispatch. The delivery boys also take part in the separation of newspapers and the results used in the generation of the delivery schedules, which is then sent to both delivery boys and preparation of the invoices. The invoices are prepared based on the delivery schedules and information from Mrs. Cohen. Moreover, the newspaper producers deliver them to Mrs. Cohan who uses such information in preparing the invoices. In the main processes, Mrs. Cohen participates in the preparation of the invoices, unpacking of the newspapers and registration of the details of new customers and relies on the information delivered by the newspaper producers. The Newsagency forming Cohen’s main processes include registration of new customers, preparation of the cards, unpacking of the newspaper, separation of the newspapers, generation of the delivery schedules, and preparation of the invoices.

  1. Level 1. Registration process

The Cohen’s newsagency booking system main processes 3

Mrs. Cohan plays important role in the registration process of new customers. Before the completion of the registration process, Mrs. Cohen has to receive different information from the potential customer including the name of the customer, addresses, the amount owing, end date, status, and the newspaper required and start. Such information are vital to assist in knowing where to dispatch the newspaper, the recipients, and the duration of delivery. The Newsagency stocks different types of newspapers including Ages, Australians, Herald Suns, and Clarions with the customers having different tastes and preferences. After registration of the new customers, the Newsagency files the details of the customers in form of records.

  1. Level 1. Delivery schedule process.

The Cohen’s newsagency booking system main processes 4

The Newsagency also has its delivery schedule. The agency offers different newspapers, which need unpacking and sorting based on the orders of the customers. Based on information registered during registration of the customers, the details of the customers are delivered to Mrs. Cohen who is responsible for the preparation of delivery schedule from the generated data. Mrs. Cohen uses information such as the name of the street, address of the potential customer, the newspaper required, and the house number of the customer. These information are important that would ensure elimination of errors and confusions during the delivery of newspapers. After preparing the delivery schedule, the resultant delivery details forms the basis of the agency’s delivery records.

  1. Level 1. Invoice preparation process.

The Cohen’s newsagency booking system main processes 5

The delivery records forms the basis of the preparing the invoice. The details of the delivery records are transferred to Mrs. Cohen. Moreover, the invoice preparations for payment details are based on the delivered newspaper orders. The customers pay for the delivered newspapers based on credit basis; therefore, the agency has to prepare the invoices for the owed payments. Invoice preparation depends on collected payment information. The resultant invoice details the agency keeps as invoice records. Therefore, involves preparation involves four distinct steps including the details of the delivery records, Mrs. Cohen, payment amount owing, preparation of amount owing, preparation of the invoices, and keeping the invoice details as invoice records.

  1. The User interface design for adding a new customer to the system.

The Cohen’s newsagency booking system main processes 6

Designing goes beyond simply assembling, ordering, and editing. Therefore, the design needs to ensure addition of value and meaning with an aim of illuminating, clarifying, dignifying, dramatizing, persuading, and amusing the clients. The agency has a simple user interface design that makes it easy to register new customers without difficulties. Using systems in most cases presents several challenges; however, with simple user interface design at the agency, it is easy to register the new customers. Cohen’s Newsagency Registration Page has few elements that the clients have to fill. These elements include the name of the customer, address of the customer, the type of newspaper required, start and end date, amount owing, and the status of the customers. These information are vital easy identification of the customers and prevent confusion and errors associated with delivery. The agency delivers different newspapers; therefore, the customers to identify their newspaper of choice and associated amount owing before submitting the registration form. Before completion of the elements, the customers cannot submit their registration information.