The cause of wildfire in Canada and their impact Essay Example

Causes and impacts of wildfires in Canada 5

Causes and impacts of wildfires in Canada

Causes and impacts of wildfires in Canada


According to Tymstra (2015), the Boreal forest in Canada has faced some serious fire incidences to an extent that it has been described as the land of fire. It should be recognized that almost half the land area of Canada is covered by a forest, which is a significant ten percent of the world’s forested area. The recent fire claimed over two million hectares of the Canadian forest. The presence of fire in the Canadian forests has been described as an important ecological process, yet it threatens human settlement and life. This article will look at the causes and impacts of the Canadian forest fires.

Causes of Canadian forest fires

Most of the forest fires that occur in the Canadian forest are natural and have been occurring for many years (Tymstra, 2015). To date, it cannot be established whether arson can be a cause of the ‘big’ fires witnessed in the Canadian forest. One of the natural factors responsible for causing the forest fires is lightning. Research has been able to establish that lightning
is responsible for most of the fires occurring in the Canadian forests. Several researches have been conducted on the relationship between flammability of forest and weather. The research implies that weather is the major cause of the forest fires, and this includes lightening. Strong winds are not only important in spreading fires but also have the potential to cause fires through friction.

Impacts of the Canadian forest fires

It has been reported that the frequent wildfires in the Canadian forests often have several impacts to human beings (Tymstra, 2015). First, the frequent fires often spread close to human settlement thus forcing resettlement of people whose homes are likely to be caught up in the fire. The forced human resettlement is a major blow to economic stability as homes and property is often destroyed. It can be said that the presence of forest fires causes a risk to the life and property of the Canadian people.

Tymstra (2015) exaplains that forest fires in Canada cannot only be said to have a negative impact on the people since it is a natural and essential phenomenon. Research has proven that the forest fires in Canada are very important in the catalyzing regeneration of the forest. The forest fires are also responsible for maintaining the health of the forest. As the fire rages across the forest, pathogens and other harmful organisms capable of causing a forest disease are eliminated. After forest fires, it has also been established that the diversity of the forests is increased. The forest fires have arguably played an important role in the evolution of the Canadian forest for several centuries. The significant biogeochemical process takes place after the forest fires.


Forest fires in Canada are a risky phenomenon to human beings but at the same time beneficial to the natural ecological forest system. The forest fires in Canada are mainly caused by natural factors such as lightning and the wind, flammability of the forests depend on several factors that also include weather. When the frequent forest fires in Canada occur, some people are forced to resettle while some substantial value in the form of property is destroyed. As far as the forest ecosystem is concerned, forest fires are beneficial in contributing to natural forest health management, regeneration, and diversity.


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