The Business of Advertising Essay Example

The Business of Advertising

1. The story of the Gruen Transfer

There are many lessons which advertising and marketing communication professionals that emerge in the Casimir (2010) The Gruen Transfer. The book has enabled me to easily understand the course unit and material as well as to relate things that happen in the real marketing world as well as the theoretical part. The book was developed from a popular Australian advertising program that focused on advertising. The program host was Wil Anderson who has an advertising panel of advertising industry experts and is produced by a production company Andrew Denton (Casimir, 2010). The success and popularity of the television program led to the inception of the idea of a book publication to tell the story of marketing professional to the public. The book is fascinating, compelling and downright gobsmacking insights in the advertising which surrounds people. The Gruel Transfer removes the lid on the business of persuasion examining how advertising operates and how it works on people. There many tips about advertising that I find in this book. It is interesting and exciting.

2. Understanding the Target Audience and Developing Consumer Insight

To understand the target audience is very important so that the message communicated reach the intended people. Research is very important in understanding the needs in the market and the market niche that needs to be covered. Research enabled me to select my target audience with ease when developing a marketing campaign (Stafford & Faber, 2005). Defining the target audience prior to the marketing campaign conceptualization is vital. The food waste campaign targeted man and women from the age of 18 to 35 across Metropolitan regions in Australia. The cost of advertising can also be determined when the target audience and objectives are defined. The audience has to be involved in the marketing campaign from the beginning in order to get their attention and instigate word of mouth or a buzz around the marketing campaign (MacRury, 2009). Without proper and thorough research is not ease to decide the boundaries of a successful marketing campaign. The target audience is motivated with things that relate to their daily lives and cause anxiety or excitement. The marketing campaign has to be involved the motivation factors. It is important to get the target audience on board and ensure the journey yields the anticipated results.

3. Cause Related Marketing – Social Marketing

Social marketing campaigns are very important since they are associated with health issues like obesity, binge drinking or smoking. The book enabled me to come up with my own social marketing campaign program that was dubbed The Food Challenge that involved the race to stop the waste. The campaign involved tackling the Australian household food waste by coming up with a campaign to raise awareness of the challenge and encourage positive behavioral change (Green, 2011). A successful social marketing advertising campaign has to engage the target audience and lead to behavioral change that will make the society better than before. The health issue being tackled has to respond to the social marketing campaign and the target audience has to respond positively to the message being passed across.

4. Advertising as Integrated
Marketing Communications

Gruen Transfer enables people to evaluate the public performance of advertising professionals alongside their professional ideology. Choosing the best medium of an advertising campaign is very important. The channel of advertising has to reach the greatest numbers among the target audience. Advertisers look at the effectiveness of an advertising channel and if it will reach a large percentage of the target audience. The tools of advertising have to draw the attention of the target audience (Casimir, 2010). The internet has created a new channel that is cheap and reaches many people at the same time. The creative campaign for food waste that I designed used the internet to reach out to the target audience. The tools for the creative campaign have to be engaging as those chosen in the course Unit. Brainstorming helps to come up with creative. Advertising is wholesome package that is referred to as integrated marketing communications for the purpose of reaching out to the target audience.

Creating the ‘creative’ in the
business of advertising

The book demonstrates how advertising professional conceptualize better ways of political advertising. The marketing campaigned focused on increasing awareness of food waste among Australian households. The campaign phases included engaging the audience, education and creating change. The objectives of the campaign were defined from the beginning. I got insights into understanding how to come up with a creative marketing campaign that engages the audience to produce the intended results. We came up with a websites that targeted 500,000 visitors by the month of June 2016. Budgeting is vital for any creative advertising campaign. Great advertisement stands out when it is engaging and invoking emotions or feelings that the target audience relates to. Creative people get their ideas from life experiences and from looking at what is happening around them. Challenges within the environment force creative people to come up with ideas to solve them (Hopkins, 2014). Someone looking for creative advertising has to make sure that the target audience is engaged and absorbed in the campaign. The tools used have to relate to the daily lives of the people. Some people are naturally creative and only need a good environment to develop challenges the creative ideas.


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