The bamboo stalk Essay Example

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The Bamboo Stalk

Josephine migrates from Philippine to Kuwait where she got employed as a house girl. This makes her leave her studies behind together with her family during her early stages of life. Josephine made the wrong decision since education was the only resource in Philippine that pinned hopes to everybody’s better future (Alsanousi, 6). The employer who employed this girl at her young age went against the rights of a child since these is pure child exploitation. Rashid also represents the only spoiled son to Issa, and Ghanima involving this young girl in love affairs. Rashid also went against the rights of a child since Josephine was not mature enough to be subjected in love affairs even though they were doing it secretly. Rashid also goes ahead and marries Josephine. After some time, things turn to worse as Rashid impregnates Josephine. Rashid exploits this girl by marrying and impregnating her at a very young age when she was not mature enough to take the responsibilities at her disposal.

Things become even worst when Rashid abandons both Jose, his son and his wife, Josephine even before the child was two months old. Josephine is forced to go back to her country, Philippine after the abandonment. Philippine is invaded by poverty but still Josephine struggles along with it. However, at eighteen years, Jose decides to go back to Kuwait where he thought that his father was living (Alsanousi, 7). Rashid was responsible for all this since if he had not abandoned his family, they could not face these problems. Jose struggled to go back to the country where his father was a citizen, but her efforts did not bear any fruits. According to him, Kuwait was like a ‘heaven’ or ‘dream land’ since the Philippines took most of their time struggling with the poverty which had invaded the country.

Jose has a difficult time struggling with his identity after returning to Kuwait since he possesses a mixed race. Saud Alsanousi used this situation to reflect the many challenges that foreign workers in Kuwait faced (Alsanousi, 8). However, this, in reality, was ironical since Kuwait had historically established good relations with Arab countries, Philippine included. This novel seems to be influential and can develop negative attitude among Arabs workers in Kuwait. The writer is criticized for bringing this idea which is directly opposite of what is exhibited by Kuwait and Arab countries.

Jose finds that it was his destiny to continue searching for religion, country, and name. Josephine’s parents, in this case, act ruthlessly since they don’t advise their girl hence ending up in this kind of a mess. Josephine also makes a mistake by deciding to leave her son with her sister who was formal, a prostitute. Late Richard’s parents also abandon the son arguing that he is half-Filipino and he can reduce the status of the family in the society (Alsanousi, 6). These parents act as a “Tarouf”, a net which served as an obstacle for Jose to be recognized as a citizen of Kuwait. His father’s country finally inhales Jose and he decides to go back to his mother’s country. The novel ends when Jose is still struggling to look for his identity.

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