The Bamboo Stalk Essay Example

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The Bamboo Stalk

The story talks of Isa who migrates from Kuwait to Philippine. He migrates to search for a better life in Kuwait so that he could satisfy life needs. There is life comparison in the novel between Philippine and Kuwait. The story shows how Isa goes through the live ladder of Maslow to reach the point of self-actualization. Everything had not come with easy there was struggle all through.

The set up of the book is in Philippine and Kuwait. The action is such that the engagement with the past is lesser in comparison in the latter from the traveler’s perspective. In Kuwait, the most important thing about interaction is all about where you belong and where you do not belong. The society determines your class related to one’s visibility and how you can easily hide from the society. All these is what the book brings out clearly.

The novel bases its critique in the social platform where it talks about the future that will engulf the society. Isa is trying to negotiate about the nature of politics that one will face by being born as a half Gulf and half Filipino and the labor treatment that he will face. In it, there is an element of how the search for riches while poor and the search of a good family while being poor is a hard task. The story begins with an interesting background on how Isa gets riches, b ut the riches brings him more heartache which opposite of what he expected.

The novel begins in the Philippine where the narrator had not been born. The story begins with his mother who narrates it to him at its inception. Kuwait has a gaze about its life by the author. Here, the use of marijuana, gambling and prostitution are being disapproved by the writer. However, the gaze that the author of the novel is doing right since the immortals are the base of poverty in any society.

The language selection that the author use clearly points out on his attitude towards the identity, religion and the experience he has in Kuwait. The use of this simple language enables the readers as he /she will be able to reflect and internalize what he is reading and new readers will be able to get concepts that they do not know. As the story goes on, we see naivety in the part of Isa where he sees bribery and wonders what is going on since he does not understand corruption in the police force. When Isa travels to the promised land where he thinks, all these will come to an end. However, he travels to Kuwait, the community he finds that is full of racism. The family here is seen to be universally disappointing due to its racism nature.

The Bamboo Stalk presents a scenario where coming to a country that is rich and not necessary to succeed. In the end, Isa chooses between the difficult life of living near the rich family in Kuwait or associate with poor Philippine family.