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The Relationship between United States and Cuba


According to Julie and Damien, President Obama’s recent decision to restore the relationship between the United States and Cuba marks a critical improvement not only in the business sector but also in the political world (1). The two countries have remained in a state of isolation since the Cuban Missile that occurred on October 1962. The relationship between United States and Cuba worsened due to continuous conflicts coupled with the break of diplomatic relations between 1959 and 1961. This paper uses the AOR model to asses President Barrack Obama’s decision to restore the relationship between the two wrangling regions.

Overview of President Obama’s Decision/Action

According to Julie and Damien, President Obama’s decision to invite President Raul Castro of Cuba in an American business concert held in Panama, United States marked a significant transformation in the relationship of the two countries (1). President Obama shook hands with President Castro on April 11, 2015. This incident interestingly marked the first meeting between the two heads of state since 1961. The event marked the beginning of a new life and restoration of the rotten moral fabrics that existed between United States and Cuba.

Outcome of President Obama’s Decision

Julie and Damien avow that the restoration of United States relationship with Cuba not only improved the political arena of the two countries but also enhanced business relationship resulting in supernormal economic development. Today, United States is the main supplier of food to Cuba with sells reportedly reaching 710 million US Dollars in 2008. United States is also the main supplier of medicine, medical devices and all agricultural products to Cuba. Subsequently, Cuban Americans can travel freely to the United States and conduct their business as Cuba openly welcomes foreign investment from American multinational corporations (Julie and Damien, 2016 pp. 1).


President Obama needed to do more to strengthen the restoration of the relationship. First, he should choose on April 11 of every year as a date to commemorate the restoration of Cuba-United States relationship. Secondly, Obama should encourage Cuban Americans to occupy competitive leadership positions in United States based firms. These citizens should also have the opportunity to invest heavily in the two countries to help solve social problems regarding unemployment and brain drain. Decentralization of more industries to cover the rural areas of the two countries especially Cuba could help in strengthening the relationship.

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