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Tender proposal for Air-conditioning Guys Company

20 October 2015

Introduction to Air Conditioning Guy Company

Supplying and installation of cooling and heating services.

Airconditioningguys.com. (2015), Air Conditioning Guy Business is one of the well-known company that focuses on offering services that are important to the society. The company was formed in the years 2006 with the objective of providing quality services to its clients. Over the past years, the business has experienced constant development as it offers professional services to its clients, provide advanced free measures and appraisals, and it is ranked one of the best in term of air conditioning installation business. More so, Air Conditioning Guy has a high-quality group of employees.

How does this relate to Urban Apartments?

Air Conditioning Guy Company will provide designed solution to Urban Apartment requirements and as well as the needs. As a specialized business Air Conditioning Guy Company will design the best solution for the construction business.To support this statement, since the foundation of the company in the year 2006, the company have installed the heating and cooling system in major factories, churches, and shopping malls in Australia. Therefore, the previous experience has provided the Air Conditioning Guy Company to gain the technical know-how in designing the solution for Urban Apartment that is effective and energy responsive (Airconditioningguys.com. 2015).

Over the past, for instance, Air Conditioning Guy Company had installed more than 20 air conditioners for a single client. As part of the company’s service, Air Conditioning Guy Company have provided cooling and heating services that are environmentally friendly and as well as offers great appealing pleasure. (Urbanapartments.com 2015) in bigger apartments, Air Conditioning Guy Company have installed prevailing air conditioners that do not produce a lot of heat and make the employees in the business to feel comfortable at their workplace.

Air Conditioning Guy Company shared business goal

  • To install air conditioner system that is friendly to the clients.

  • To install the cooling and heating systems that offer the customers with an outstanding air system that will provide the clients with quality air supply.

  • To provide the apartment businesses with a comfort and the best air supply that will care for the customers.

  • It is the objective of the Air Conditioning Guy Company to use its qualified and dedicated team to provide assistance to the clients regarding any problem in the air conditioning system (Airconditioningguys.com. 2015).

As such, the Air Conditioning Guy Company work with priorities. This includes serving the apartment companies with effective cooling and heating services and provide the same companies with services that are of low cost (Hessler, 2006). Besides, the key purpose features and purpose of this tender proposal are as follows;

Feature of this tender proposal

Air Conditioning Guy Company provide its services with the intention of meeting the requirements of the apartment business. In this case context, Air Conditioning Guy Company provide an onsite inspection that is free of charge. The inspection will help the business to have a system that is of high quality, and it will be essential to the business future.

  • This will benefit the business to have a valid plan regarding the heating and cooling system. Moreover, this will improve the business operation as planning for future strategy of the business will be enhanced.

  • Additionally, the business will have the benefit of employees satisfaction and as well as customer satisfaction.

  • Another benefit that the Apartment business will have as a result of engaging with Air Conditioning Guy Company is that the business will not incur heavy cost in the business of installing cooling and heating services.

The other feature of this tender proposal is that Air Conditioning Guy Company covers the apartment business for five years. This is done through a warrant cover, which covers the Labour, and as well the devices supplied. The feature will make the business have the following benefits;

  • The business will be served with quality services

  • As the warrant cover is free of charge, this will benefit the apartment business as the business will operate at a reduced cost.

Also, the company’s services are different from other companies as they are designed in a way that they are liable to any future breakdown of the installed and supplied equipment. This will benefit the business in different ways that include;

  • The business will be able to prevent any future breakdown of the installed system

  • Also, this will save the business from incurring the maintenance cost as there will be a minimal maintenance of the system installed.

Understand the business. The problem or the opportunity

Air Conditioning Guys Company is one of the leading organization in the business of supplying and installing cooling and heating services. The company provides the services of inverters installation that are technologically improved. As technology has shaped many businesses, the company has introduced systems that are cost-effective to run and the system are importantly quieter to operate than other units. Over the years, Air-Conditioning Guys systems provide the services of handling temperature issues as they make the temperature stable than a conservative air conditioner (Airconditioningguys.com.au, 2015). Furthermore, the model of the inverter used by the company can accomplish 30% more working proficiency than the model in the model of the conservative air conditioner.

Also, Air-Conditioning Guys is ranked the best in providing the heating system in the homes and major hotels. It supply’s and install the heating system that is inexpensive as the system is designed in different sizes that suit different houses and hotels. Over the past years, the company has improved its services as the heaters installed to its clients are more efficiency. The ducted heaters rate from 3 stars to 4 stars in term of efficiency (Airconditioningguys.com.au, 2015). Moreover, Air-Conditioning Guys Company installs different brands either in the under floor of the houses or at the ceiling. Roadmap

The opportunities

As Air Conditioning Guy Company has the right team to deliver quality services to its clients. Therefore, the company will the apartment business to integrate its workforce, enhance customer satisfaction and assist the business to succeed in the future. More so, the Air Conditioning Guy Company will help the apartment business reduce the cost incurred in the investment of air conditioning system. Besides, it is the intention of the Air Conditioning Guy Company to build an essential relationship with the urban apartment business. The following are the opportunities that the Air Condition Company can help the urban apartment business spot in the market.

  1. Implementing the advanced technology at the urban apartment opportunities so as to increase the quality of its services

As the company has developed in recent time as a result of technology improvement, the company is intending to improve its services in the business of supplying and installing air conditioning system. As the plan of the urban apartment business is to integrate all the stakeholders with the business, Air Conditioning Company will play a part as a stakeholder in enhancing the incorporation of the urban apartment business with its stakeholders.

  1. Creating the urban apartment opportunities

The Air Condition Guy Company will enhance urban apartment business to offer customer satisfaction thus, increasing the number of customers and as well as market share. (Urbanapartments.com. 2015) the plan of the business is to bring the construction people to work together and to increase the market share of the business. Additionally, the business plans to enhance continuity and to expand in the market. Therefore, for this plan to be achieved urban apartment business will require to invest into that will provide customer satisfaction.


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