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Table of Contents

3Executive Summary

4Sales Team Structure

5Organisational Hierarchy

6Sales Team Distribution

7Roles and Responsibilities

National Sales Director 7 1.1

Regional Sales Managers 7


Employee Expenses 10

Organisational Expenses 11

Total Budget Expenditure 13


References 14

Executive Summary

This is a report provides a detailed structure showing salary and remuneration packages as well as incentives and training of sales teams of Telstra limited in order to maintain market position for the best telecommunication services. We face strong competition in attracting the best new customers and in retaining our tenured clients. In this highly competitive marketplace we have allocated $7.5 million in incremental funds for retention and for related departmental support costs. The sales director is Brendan Hooper


The Sales director is assisted by his assistant Neale Hooper to coordinate with the sales manager at each district


The sales team structure is modelled geographically. This enables the model to have stronger relationships with the population in order to capture potential customers. In each sector, there is a regional manager. Also, there is sales team in every district. This enables the company to have independent bodies who help to account for each other. The structure enables the company to meet t particular needs of the customer.

A sales team hierarchy is significant to Telstra as it showcases the team structure. Implementing the team structure is important so that all efforts manifested by a team reach to the customer in all sectors of Australia. The co-ordination and corroborations of the teams enhance positive progress of the Telstra company. This reports outlines the responsibilities expected from Telstra employees. So as to motivate the employees, Telstra has created remuneration packages so as award to the best performing workers in the sales team. The report shows details of the remuneration packages for the sales and management teams. Also, salaries and expenses are shown in the report (Dalrymple, 2004).

Sales Team Structure

As Telstra operates in communication, electronic and information technology products and services sector, the efforts and dedication to delivering customer need will enhance and help the company attain a revenue of $50M. The Company focuses on a configuration that is geographically based as a result of the possible expenses that Telstra can incur in the market.

With 6 regional managers and 60 employees, the company is able to communicate easily and well with the customers and its employees. The Telstra structure helps each employee or sales teams to communicate easily and frequently thus enhancing gathering ideas and raising organisation concerns. Therefore, the structure enhances utility improvement of the workers hence raising the individual voices, sense of value and self-esteem of the employees. In the long run, Telstra will incur less operational costs as well as minimising the travel costs.

Organisational Hierarchy


As the figure shows, the sales controls many activities in a company. The board recently changed a part of the structure where each branch in the country, there is a sales manager who represents the sales director to make work easier. The national sales director co-ordinates reginal directors stationed in each branch of the company.

TELSTRA CORPORATION LIMITED 4National sales director

Western region sales manager

TELSTRA CORPORATION LIMITED 5Northen Territory sales manager

Queens land sales manager

South region sales Manager

New south and victoria region sales manager

NZ regional sales manager


Wholesale/Retail reps

Wholesale/Retail reps

Wholesale/Retail reps

Wholesale/Retail reps

Wholesale/Retail reps

Wholesale/Retail reps


Sales Team Distribution

Telstra Company assigns work to its employees based on the regional population as shown below.


Wholesale Reps

Retail Reps

Western Region

Northern region

South region

Queens land region

New South Wales and Victoria region

New Zeeland


As we can see, the employees are distributed evenly. This means the populations such as New South Wales and Victoria region have more staffs as the districts have more population this reduces the workload of the workers. Also, Telstra Company is able to reach to more costumers and gain new customers due efficiency.

Eric, 2015)On the other hand, regions such as Western, Northen, South and New Zealand have less population. Telstra Company allocates less sales representatives to this region as they have less customers and less workload compared to South Wales and Victoria region this approach provides equality to workers as they have even workload. Also, the approach maximises profits due to its cost-effective nature (

Roles and Responsibilities

National Sales Director

They implement the forecasted company’s plan of selling products. Also, their rose is to supervise the regional sales managers.


  • To ensure the sales grows steadily over time.

  • Enhances marketing strategies that enhance increased gross profit.

  • Provides sales objectives that Telstra Company expects to achieve by the end of the year

  • They are responsible for Implementing the national sales programs by coming up with sales action plans.

  • Maintains a constant sales volume by balancing the demand and supply.

  • Sets the selling prices and also adjusts them by monitoring costs, supply, demand and competition.

  • Develop strategy alongside the board by mapping the future company markets in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Setting up budget to work within for the whole sales department.

  • Schedules the operation of employees

Regional Sales Managers

Manages the company sales


  • The regional managers contribute and recommends the sales ideas on the strategic plans. They participate in the implementation of this strategic plans that include plans to produce products with specifications that the customer wants, provide good customer service, produce quality and timely products that customer wants. Identify the customer needs and wants, enhance system improvements and also implements the necessary changes.

  • The regional managers achieve their objectives by recruiting the employees with the necessary skills. This involves selecting the best person for the job. Also, the sales managers coach the new employees and displaces the employees who do not follow the organisation policy. They review the employee’s performance and issue compensations. Therefore, the regional managers implement policies and ideas.

  • These managers achieve the financial sales objectives by preparing budgets. They first forecast the necessary requirements, they then schedule the expenditure take the needed actions to come up with the corrective actions

  • They help the organisation to get more customers by coordinating and offering counselling to the sales representatives so as to build and further more maintain loyal customers.

  • Through the survey, these managers identify the needs of the customers. They track the competitor’s activities and identify new product opportunities.

  • These managers compel the company’s result thus accomplishing the mission of an organisation.

  • These managers maintain networks and engages in educational opportunities that enable the organisation growth.

  • These managers publish and tracks the spending of the company thus implementing trade promotions (Jones, 2005).

Wholesale Representatives

This representative engages in business proposals. They engage with the interested and potential clients so that they can persuade them about products offered by Telstra.


  • They organise and plan every day schedules so as observe the sales outlets by establishing new accounts, obtaining new accounts and accounting for the existing accounts.

  • They study the sakes outlets so as they can be able to adjust details of the sales presentations.

  • They study the existing dealers as their part of the job on focusing on the sales effort

  • They make sure that the management is well informed by submitting the necessary report results.

  • They gather the information in the market to monitor competition

  • Though their results, they recommend on the necessary changes an organisation should make to gain competitive advantage

  • They help to resolve the complains of the customers by gathering proper information investigation and coming up with the necessary resolutions and recommendations

Retail Representatives

They provide the services to the clients through selling the company products them.


  • They submit orders to the customers when selling and they refer the product prices in a price list

  • They attend educational workshops so as to maintain and improve their knowledge and be more professional.

  • They keep the historical records and provide them for the purpose of knowing the customer trends.

  • They work with the teams to accomplish the necessary results.


National Sales Director

The sales director earns $150,000 salary, and a $30,000 on bonus. This will happen only if the company achieves all the projected sales and goals

Regional Sales Managers

The regional manages basic salary is$120,000. the regional managers will get a bonus of $25,000 if they reach all the targeted sales and company goals. The payment is constant to all the regional managers. Therefore, every sales manager will be paid the same basic salary regardless to the district allocated or regardless of the population concerns.

Sales Representatives

The representatives will get a basic salary of $70,000. Also, the Retail representatives will earn a bonus of $15,000 if they meet the projected sales target of a company. The sales representatives will get a bonus of $10,000 upon achieving the company’s projected sales and goals.

Saura,, 2009)‐Note: All Stelstra earn an additional 9% superannuation over the year (Irene Gil

Salary and Remuneration Packages


Superannuation (9%)

National sales Manager



Regional sales Manager



Wholesale Reps



Retail Reps



Surplus Budget (from $7,500,000)


Employee Expenses

Sales Rep Subsidisation


Time period

Cost per period

Total expenses

Travel Expenses


Phone Bill/PDF


Stelstra will subsidise travel expenses including fuel and public transport for sales reps as those roles require a high degree of movement within a geographical territory. This prevents any likelihood of cutting corners or a lack of enthusiasm as moving between sales stores is a free expense for the rep.

Allocates Expenses for Online Sales and Telemarketing

Time Period

Cost Per Period

Total Expense

Wireless Internet

Bluetooth Headset

Computer Software


Telstra Company will supply online sales reps and telemarketers with reliable, high quality communications and internet technologies. This allows members of staff to reach new markets and serve current ones in a time-efficient and productive manner.

Organisational Expenses

Two-Day Annual Conference Expenses


Flights (return)

Accommodation (2 nights)

Function Room

Food and Drinks



Stelstra company profit graph as shown below have progressed well but for improvement


Stelstra will perform an annual conference for two days at the Serena in Sydney where the members of the staff will be present. The management and the staff will present a schedule as follows:


  • Speech introduction from the company’s Sales Director.

  • The first meeting discussing last year’s sales goals.

  • To report the results of sales to every district.

— Refreshments —

  • Update and inform the staff about new consumer needs and wants, and competitors adjustment moves and the way to counter this moves.

  • Discuss and come up with better wats of enhancing the performance of the sales.

  • —Break—

  • Introduce and coordinate an exercise that will enhance team interaction and cooperation.


  • Concluding statements from National Sales Director.

Total Budget Expenditure

Total cost



Sales Rep Subsidisations

Online Sales and Telemarketing Expenses

Two-Day Annual Conference

Total Expense


Surplus Budget


I have learnt on how to manage the sales team finances with an approximate budget of $7.5 million. Therefore, through the report, I have learnt the sales management approach that involves a dynamic nature of managing a company and directing the employees towards achieving the organisation goals. Also, I have been able to learn where to and how to allocate sales capital to different organisational sectors and how to schedule employees to work at a fair and motivated environment.


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