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Introductory Paragraph:

Introduce the topic:

Teamworking is increasingly proving instrumental to organizational growth. In different setups, organizations are adopting diverse strategies all aimed at meeting organizational goals.

Narrow the topic by leading into the thesis:

While some of the established teams have proved successful in their quest of meeting set objectives, other teams have failed miserably.

Thesis statement:

In this case, the fundamental attributes that promote successful teamworking are explored.

Body paragraph 1

The leadership structure and commitment of the team leader are vital to team success.

  • The leadership needs to remain committed to the organizational goals

  • Through impeccable commitment to team goals, the leaders are enabled to focus on the individual performances of the team members.

  • This focus is critical in boosting the team performance.

  • Indeed, successful teams are founded on collaboration, individual commitment and accountability, all of which are overseen by the team leader.

Body paragraph 2

Another core foundation on which successful teams are built is mutual trust.

  • Development of mutual trust within the team allows for open engagement between team members.

  • Ideally, the building of trust within the team calls for openness, a fete that enables understanding of the views of each team member.

  • In many instances, behaviour can be used by the team leaders to assess the level of openness within the team.

  • The leaders can equally exploit the behaviours to develop strategic measures aimed at enculturing openness and understanding within the teams.

Body paragraph 3

Successful teams are also founded on smart goals.

  • The goals set by the team must be specific, measurable and achievable.

  • This ensures that the team is working within a defined directional framework, limiting chances of deviating from core aims.

  • In some instances, the goals can be broken down in sub-goals to facilitate conclusive accomplishment

  • Indeed, teams without smart goals are likely to lack milestones vital in dictating action


  • In summation, teamworking is vital for organizational success.

  • The establishment of successful teams, however, is a tricky task that requires commitment and cooperation from all stakeholders.

  • Therefore, team-members and leaders must foster a culture of understanding and be guided by smart objectives if organizations are to realize success.

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